10 Most Annoying Animals Of The Decade

January 01, 2010 2:12 AM

So far this Xmas I've watched 'The 20 Greatest Songs of the Noughties', 'The 100 Biggest Songs of the Decade', 'The Most Annoying People of 2009', 'The 20 Greatest TV Shows of the Noughties' and 'The Greatest Comedy Moments of the Decade'.

So, I thought it was time for a special New Year's post and I've gone for the 10 most annoying animals of the noughties.

10. Birds
Birds only just made it to No. 10 because in the end they actually didn't do anything that annoying but the threat of their deadly flu mutating and infecting humans resulted in a lot of media scaremongering which got a bit annoying. In 2006 all anyone was talking about was bird flu, or to use it's proper name H5N1 - it was all pretty exciting but it turned out the number of people coughing up feathers was out numbers by those who bought a copy of Infernal's 'Paris to Berlin'.

9. Badgers
"Badger Badger Badger" AKA 'The Badger Song' was hugely viral song with an accompanying animation which landed in everyone's inbox in 2003. The badgers were one of the internet's first big viral phenomenon but as the song looped eternity, it did get a bit annoying.
» See the badgers

8. Cows

The cows got a little bit annoying in 2001, with a little help from some sheep. Thanks to these stupid animals, most of the British countryside was shut to walkers throughout the summer. Foot and Mouth disease cost the country billions and was all news reports talked about in 2001... well, until those towers fell down.

7. Prairie Dog
Another annoying viral video, was the Dramatic Chipmunk video which was circulating in 2007 after being posted on the website College Humor - may be if the students who posted it concentrated on their studies instead of watching a 5 second video over and over again, they would have realised that the video featured a Prairie Dog and not a Chipmunk.
» See the dramatic prairie dog

6. Meerkats
If I asked you what the most annoying TV advert of the decade has been, you'd probably turn to me and sing "Go compare! Go compare!" in a ridiculous Italian accent but actual fact would disagree with you, the most annoying ads have been "Compare the meerkats". That stupid meerkat telling us to compare the market, to be honest even after seeing it in every ad break, I still don't really know what the meerkat is actually trying to sell me... So No. 6, the meerkat, simples!
» Compare the Meerkat

5. Snakes
In 2006 snakes were used as part of a terrorist plot to bring down a commercial passenger jet. Don't believe me? Of course you don't because it's the most idiotic possible way to crash a jet but despite that someone thought it would be a good idea to make a movie about it... but what on Earth could they call this genius movie? ...'Snakes On A Plane'.

4. Pandas
How can you get 48 million people to look at a panda? Catch it sneezing on film. Another of the decade's viral videos, this time a Panda frightened the life out of Mummy Panda when he lets out a huge sneeze, despite his tiny baby panda size. The clip is just 16 seconds long but has managed to get about 48 millions more views than the Queen's speech got on Christmas Day.
» Watch a panda sneeze

3. Cats
How annoying is the keyboard cat? It's as pointless and annoying as Rick Rolling. You're happily watching your favourite epic fail videos and then that stupid cat pops up playing the keyboard. Someone has worked out that the clip has now been tagged on to the end of more than 4000 viral blooper videos. Because it's tagged to so many videos, it's hard to tell exactly how many people this cat has annoyed but it is a LOT!
» Watch the keyboard cat

2. Pigs
Well didn't pigs cause a lot of trouble in 2009?! Thanks to Swine Flu, today this day I still have to be sterilised with a very wrong smelling, swine DNA killing, alcohol rub every time I go in to work. Annoyingly, half the people in my office managed to get a whole week off work with this fatal strain of flu, which has a survival rate of just 98%. I didn't even sneeze let alone get any time off work.

1. All Farm Animals
It's a bit of a vague group but clearly it's worthy of the No. 1 spot in my list of the most annoying animals of the decade, the reason... FarmVille. If you're not on Facebook then you are a loser but you also won't have heard of FarmVille. If you are on Facebook then there's no way you could have missed this annoying farm simulation app. It may have made farming cool in the last year of the decade but for those who aren't running their own cyber-farm, it's just annoying. Every time I login to Facebook I get a message pop up with the latest news from a friend's farm, not to mention the never-ending game invitations. All FarmVille is is another annoying app following on from the likes of Mafia Wars and that Vampire thing.

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