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  • April 06, 2017 5:10 PM

    How To Make A Potion To Become A Fairy

    In this video I'll show you how to brew a potion to turn you into a fairy. You'll need to place your cauldron over a flame as this potion requires heat to solidify the juices into fairy dust, the add the following ingredients... - Water - Fairy liquid - A doebach sphere - Condensed cloud - Pixie a...

  • March 30, 2017 8:01 AM

    The 10 Most Popular Mythical Creatures

    The ten most believed, talked about and researched creatures based on Google search data from the last five years. Where will your favourite fantastic beast end up in the list?

  • June 09, 2016 5:10 PM

    How To Make A Fairy Potion To Summon A Fairy

    This magical potion will let you summon your own fairy to help you around the house or to flutter around at the end of your garden. A fairy potion can be tricky to make but I’ll guide you throw it with my mouth words, to start with prepare your cauldron and add the following ingredients... pinch...