Rude Indian Call Centre Man Says I Have A Chin Like A Lobster's Ass

October 30, 2017 10:00 PM
Lobster's Ass
I had a call from an advisor working for an Indian web design company called Webby Hub who wanted to design a new website for me. Now, I don't know if I imagined it, but I'm sure that the guy was unnecessarily rude to me, so when he put me through to his supervisor I reported him.

I told Sam, the supervisor, how the previous agent had told me I had a chin like a lobster's ass, and that he said when he saw a photo of me online he vomited.

Sam didn't seem to believe me but I told him how the man had the called me a "dummy dummy two shoes" and a a "bent queen."

Unfortunately, my complaint got ignored, Sam was more interested in telling me about the company's web design services, he didn't even care when I told him that the agent had said I looked like a "burnt potato."

Sam did say he'd look into and that all the calls are recorded, which of course they are, by me. I did have a bit of advice for Sam though, he's not allowed to beat the rogue phone operator but I told Sam to stare at him in a harsh manner for about 14 seconds.

I hope the evil man get's his comeuppance. You can listen to the full call below...

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