The All New Super Owl From Rogerson's

July 12, 2015 3:48 PM is a website where people do things for $5 and I wondered just how far I could push them for that fiver.

First I gave a voiceover artist, manof1002voices a bizarre script about owls, I paid my $5 but perhaps it wasn't bizarre enough, he recorded the voice over without any questions asked. Here's how it sounded...
"If like me you love owls, then you'll love the all new Super Owl from Rogerson's. The Super Owl is like no owl you've ever seen before and best of all, the Super Owl is suitable for all ages and races. I already have thirty Super Owls chained up in my barn. You can order your's now, direct from Rogerson's. Just call Market Harborough 257134. Don't be a twit, get your super owl now! Ow'll drink to that... cheers!"
So to take things a step further, I sent the script to another Fiverr seller, alexhostsvids, but this time asked him to read the script on camera, so not only is he an anonymous voice, he also becomes a face of the Super Owl.

Will he read it like it's a genuine real advert? Well, take a look at the finished video...

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