Alternatives To Taboola Ad Network

By Steve Higgins
November 10, 2016 7:55 PM

As ad blockers continue to eat in to publisher's ad revenue, I'm constantly looking for new ways to monetise my websites, Taboola has always appealed to me but my sites aren't big enough.

Advertising For Publishers
Taboola provide a content widget which you will have seen on many large websites like the New York Times, TMZ, and USA Today.  Their "sponsored links" widget it usually sits at the bottom of blog posts or articles and recommends other content which may be of interest to you from around the internet.

It's fair to say that the content which is promoted in the widget can be a little bit trashy and is often click-bait but from a publisher's point of view it does get clicks, so I assume it works well for the advertiser too.

I've looked into Taboola and enquired about using their service but they have a minimum traffic threshold of 500,000 monthly page views.  There are some alternatives like Adblade and Outbrain but these too have a minimum traffic threshold.

While there may be point in the year when all of my websites collectively exceed 500k page views, my individual sites on their own don't qualify.  So for a while I've been seeking an alternative.

In my search for a sponsored link provider I stumbled across and signed up.  There was no minimum requirement to use their widgets, there is an approval process when adding a website to their platform but it takes less than 24 hours.

I initially just added the widget to one website to see how it looked and performed.  It was really easy to customise the widgets whether it be at the bottom of the page or an exit pop-over.

You can specify what percentage of the suggested content comes from your site itself and how much is sponsored external content.  The widgets are plain in style and therefore fit with the design of any page.

I was really impressed with my first week using, I could see my earnings, they were nothing life changing but definitely enough to warrant the effort of creating the widget and adding the JavaScript into the page.

I now use the service across five of my website and it acts as a good addition to Google ads.'s reporting tool are very easy to navigate and simple to understand and you'll receive payments automatically and hassle-free through PayPal.

I'm really pleased so far and would recommend it to smaller publishers.  Try it yourself by clicking here.

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