Chloe and Halle Bailey Given $1 Million Contract By Beyonce

By Steve Higgins
May 07, 2015 7:54 PM ‐ YouTube
Chloe and Halle
Imagine if you were the teenage sisters who were given a $1 million recording contract by Beyonce... pretty incredible right?  But that's what happened to Chloe and Halle Bailey.

Halle and Chloe are sisters aged just 15 and 17 but their amazing voices caught the attention of the global pop star with their cover of 'Pretty Hurts'.  The LA-based sisters currently have over 550,000 subscribers to their channel.

The girls’ $1 million contract will give them up to six albums over five years and will give Beyonce a 15% of their earnings.

The teenage stars are the latest names to be added to Beyonce's Parkwood Entertainment label along with New York-based, 14-year-old singer/songwriter Sophie Beem who was given a similar $560,000 contract.


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