Write What You Know About... Christmas

By Steve Higgins
November 18, 2016 7:04 PM

It's an old cliche but I still think it's true, content is king. I produce a lot of content, a lot of which is on some very old and trusted domains and I regularly see how Google favours my pages on a content rich website over other websites.

Where I really excel in content creation is writing about topics I'm an expert in, things I'm passionate about. The attention to detail, quality of research and the obsessive updates and tweaks means I end up with a strong page which Google is keen to crawl and server high in search results pages.

In my previous job at Capital FM working on the Big Top 40 chart show I always produced a lot of content around the Christmas chart and the race to the Christmas No. 1. It's a topic I know a lot about having worked on 5/6 Christmas charts.

So, I decided to re-write a lot of my content relating to the Christmas chart for my most trusted website, higgypop.com. I'm really pleased with the Christmas page I built and a few days on I'm starting to see traffic already.

I'm especially happy with the Christmas chart content, I've actually produced more content around the chart than I ever did at Capital where I produced content from 2009. For higgypop.com I've got as far back as 2000 and plan to go back even further, creating a more concise pages on the Christmas chart battle for each year than any other website.

The work only took me a couple of evenings but already two days on I'm seeing the pay off for the effort. I'm quite familiar with which search terms are the most advantageous to compete against over my time work on the chart show.

For one of those search terms I appear as the third result on Google already behind the Official Charts Company website and the Mirror. For the other and more powerful search terms "Christmas No. 1 2016" I'm currently at the top of the second page of results, to be there after two days is great and I'd expect to climb to the top of the first page within the next day or two.

It's been even easer to penetrate this normally saturated market this year as there isn't a huge amount of competition yet. In fact the content I wrote for my former employer has been completely removed from the website (who deletes content???) which is great for me. It means my content style and structure is now unique.

I have a feeling I could do quite well out of this content, already I have the most complete list of Christmas chart contenders for 2016. Most of of them don't stand a chance of getting to No. 1 but listing as many contenders as possible is a technique that worked for me each year on the Big Top 40.

Personally, I'd love to see the song from the Sainsbury's Christmas advert get to No. 1.

More Christmas Content

I'm at that point in the year where I need to really focus on Christmas content for YouTube now, in fact I'm late producing this content due to my house move and not really having anywhere to work.

This weekend I'm planning on shooting a few videos as end of year content. 'Top Ten Winter Potions' and 'Christmas With Higgypop' will just be clips shows, they'll end up being about 20 minutes long and made up of clips of old videos with commentary in between.

Then there will be three new potion videos, featuring the Krampus, elves and a living snowman.

But the video I'm looking forward to making the most is my own version of Gogglebox. My plan is to sit on a sofa with my grandparents and watch back my videos from the last twelve months. It's quite technically challenging though to mic three of us up and get the audio right. Also, I haven't asked them yet but I'm hoping they'd be willing to do it.

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