Day One Of The Rebooted Lifestyle

By Steve Higgins
August 23, 2016 6:49 PM

I've had an excellent 24 hours. Last night's planning session was really positive and productive, I worked out some of the things I wanted to achieve and today I started putting them into action.

Life Plan
I've decided to make sure I get up early, in fact half an hour earlier than before at 6am.  This gives me half an hour to wake up and have breakfast and then two and a half hours to get some freelance work, content creation or YouTube video making done.

I walk to work, have reasonably healthy lunch.  Saving money is as important as being healthy and healthy lunches tend to be more expensive, so as before I'm not spending more than Β£1.50 on lunch, of course this will change when I'm working from home in Bristol and I can bulk buy and make my own lunch.

I'm going to continue to get a walk in at lunch, then walk home and stick to a healthy evening meal, as before allowing myself the occasional treat once in every five days.

I've also put together a content schedule, which is as follows:
Monday - blog post
Monday - Play Square blog post
Tuesday - Add new location to
Wednesday - blog post
Wednesday - Play Square blog post
Thursday - Add new location to
Friday - blog post
Friday - Play Square blog post
Friday - Higgypop YouTube video

This morning, I got up at 6am and had breakfast.  Then to catch up as I hadn't done any tasks yesterday I wrote a blog post for and for Play Square, I added a new location to and even managed to get ahead and write a second Play Square blog post for later in the week.

Then I did some dev work for a client and made out an invoice for another client.  I even had time to have a tidy around, put a load of washing in and pack some more stuff ready for the move to Bristol.

I think walked to work, had a healthy lunch, walked home and had a healthy dinner.  This evening I've been working on this week's YouTube video as I have none in the bag at the moment.

So, as far as day one goes it's been pretty successful.

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