Driving Home For Christmas

By Steve Higgins
December 17, 2015 4:34 PM

Today was the last day of work for this year, well the last day of full time work anyway. Right now I'm on the train back home to Bristol for two weeks and I can't wait.

So yeah, not technically driving home but being driven by a train driver, but that wouldn't make as good a title.

It's been a good end to the year, I lost a load of weight, ploughed through a load of freelance work and managed to save. Even this month, the month of socialising before Christmas, I've still managed to mostly stick to my Β£10 a day budget but found I also had a bit of left over money after bills and things. I've also managed to push a lot of extra freelance money into my savings account this month which means my camper van target is now getting closer and closer... I'm currently at 28% of the Β£15,000 I'm aiming for.

I've ended the year doing a bit of work for a showbiz client of mine, I've done a few video edits and am working on a new improved website for him. I'm hoping to get that finished before Christmas then I can start pushing new ideas and projects in 2016.

On the theme of Christmas, I've been researching and writing a book about the origins of our modern day Christmas celebrations, mostly because the church claims it's a Christian festival but Christmas trees, cards, gifts, mince pies, mulled wine, turkey, holy and ivy all have nothing to do with Christianity, so as an atheist I want to know why we celebrate in the way we do on December 25th.

It's been fascinating researching it, every time I think I've found the origin of Christmas it branches out in the direction of a norse god and ancient Roman god, there are so many festivals all rolled into our current version of Christmas which has really been cemented in place by the writings of Charles Dickens.

Obviously the ebook (as yet unnamed) is a project for next Christmas. It's a comic journey following my research, interspersed with some original ghost stories as ghost stories were traditionally told around the yule log on Christmas eve and cartoons.

So, with two weeks off I'm planning to crack on with my projects, a couple of bits for clients and of course planning 2016.

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