How I Ate For Free With Deliveroo - Free Credit

By Steve Higgins
September 04, 2016 7:00 PM

I managed to make £500 in Deliveroo credit which was enough for me to eat for free for a couple of months. Want to find out how you could get food for free from Deliveroo?

Joe Public Pizza, Clapham London

I'm no referral marketeer, although I have a vague understanding of the principle and know some people make a lot of money from it... but I'm more about creativity and monetising content.  However I do make a bit of passive income through Amazon referrals so the concept isn't alien to me.

However, in the last few months I've made £500 in Deliveroo credit and over £4,000 for friends.  At the bottom of the page you can find out how you can do the same, but first here's the story of how this worked so well for me...

Late last year I started using Deliveroo, it's currently only available in Central London and some other larger cities in the UK.  It's great, it's basically a service which picks up food from local restaurants and delivers it to your door.

As a customer of Deliveroo you can invite a friend.  If your friend uses your referral link/code they get £10 off their first order and for introducing them, you get £10 credit on your Deliveroo account to spend on food.

On my website,, the template had some small boxed icons which I'd used to host a few referral links like UberCornerstone and NowTV.  In over a year, they never got a single click.

But then I added my Deliveroo link and within a few weeks I started getting credit.  Slow at first, one a week, two a week and then it exploded and in one day I hit Deliveroo's limit of 50 referrals and I'd earned £500. Suddenly, it seemed like I'd hit the jackpot of how to get free Deliveroo!

At this point my site linked straight out to Deliveroo from the box (which was on every page of my website) and it was actually my Deliveroo referral page which was high in Google.  So people weren't actually visiting my website and finding it, but the weight of my 18 year old domain had pushed my referral link's URL to the top of the first page in Google.

Once I'd maxed out on credit being high in Google was pointless, I could no longer make any credit but this had taught me the value of my domain.  So, I added landing pages to my site for all of my referral schemes and did what I do best, added content.

Pretty soon my page on my domain was at the top of Google, replacing my referral page on Deliveroo's domain.  Now my site was getting the traffic rather than it going straight to Deliveroo.

Now I had a highly trafficked page (about 4-5 unique visitors a month) I could put any Deliveroo referral link on the page and I also benefit from ad impressions.  So, I decided to share the wealth and started adding some of my friends referral links in and eventually turning to Twitter to search for codes as I wanted to keep the page alive and useful.

The referral links I was placing on my account only worked for a day, two at the most as they too pretty quickly hit their referral limit.  So keeping the page active has required a little effort on my part.

At one point I had some much Deliveroo credit that I decided to eat nothing but Deliveroo for a whole week but I soon got bored of the local restaurants around my house and decided to blow my remaining £190 on alcohol to stock up my new flat.  Check out my haul below, it includes a bottle of champagne to celebrate the move.
Deliveroo Alcohol Haul

How you can get credit too...

As I said, I'm no referral marketeer and this was all a fluke.  Deliveroo is a relatively new service so I was at the front of the queue putting my code online and my domain with its years of trust helped put my code and later landing page high in Google.

So, I can't advice you on how to copy this success because to be honest, I don't think I could do it again.  But as I said previously, keeping a list of valid referral URLs and updating my site regularly has become an ongoing task for me which is why I've opened up my website and am now allowing guests to submit their URLs to be featured on my website.

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