Fullscreen Has Its Sights Set On Film

By Steve Higgins
January 26, 2015 11:38 AM ‐ YouTube
YouTube MCN, Fullscreen has launched a films division which aims to develop and produce feature length projects starring talent from its catalogue 60,000 YouTube stars.

As well as their YouTube Creators, Fullscreen will also be calling in the talent big on Vine and other social platforms in their roster.

Fullscreen announced that they initially have three titles in production that feature YouTube group Our2ndLife and Vine stars Cameron Dallas and Nash Grier. 

Fullscreen hasn't announced how it will be distributing its films, but it's likely they'll explore online video on demand as well as theatrical release, which could be through the network's parent company The Chernin Group. 

The initiative makes Fullscreen the first MCN to invest in the development of film projects, but a number of others have also entered the space including Awesomeness TV who produced 'Expelled' in 2014.

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