Full Stream Ahead For YouTube And Netflix

By Steve Higgins
July 20, 2015 8:38 PM ‐ YouTubeNetflix
YouTube owner Google has revealed that the average viewing session on mobile devices has doubled in the last year as Netflix is name the top entertainment outlet for young consumers.

Its audience now, on average, spend 40 minutes watch consuming content.  That's 40 minutes of uninterrupted viewing which is longer than most TV shows.

YouTube now reaches more people between the ages of 18 and 49 than any cable network.

But YouTube aren't alone, as Netflix onslaught on traditional, linear broadcasting continues.  A new study has revealed that the movie on demand site is now the top entertainment outlet for consumers between the ages of 13-49.

The video streaming service is currently pulling in viewers for around five hours a week on average.

Netflix released its 2015 Q2 shareholder letter in July, which revealed the streaming platform now has more than 65 million subscribers and earned a 23% increase in revenue year-over-year.  While Google cited that its 11% increase was as a result of YouTube's growth and mobile advertising in general.

It's no surprise that YouTube is becoming more valuable for advertisers, but TV is still the biggest avenue for advertisers.  In 2014 the global TV spending reached a massive $230 billion, while online video advertising trailed behind with just $11 billion.

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