Happy New Year

By Steve Higgins
January 05, 2016 4:36 PM

Happy New Year! After an excessive couple of week, it's back to normal and back to the routine, healthy eating, lots of exercise and saving money.

So do I have any new year's resolutions? No, I think I've made enough changes in my life recently, I just need to stick to those changes and make the most of my new way of living and working.

Anyway, let's look back at Christmas and the new year. My two weeks at home with family I did live to excess. I wanted to see as much of my friends and family as I could but that meant I ended up spending more than I had wanted to and eating more than I should have, but I didn't drink which was good.

My most expensive purchase however was a new video camera, I bought a Panasonic HC-X920 camcorder. I haven't used it much yet but it's much nicer to use than my old bottom of the range digital SLR. This is instead a high-end video camera, not quite professional but at the best of the consumer market.

It does everything I need and very well, it has things like audio input which is important, hot shoe to mount lights and great video quality but it gives me few things I haven't had before, like more responsive auto-focus and the screen which rotates so I can see if I'm in shot.

Over Christmas I met up with one of my favourite YouTubers, Tiny Bag, we met in her home town of Cheltenham, had some lunch (I wanted her to know I wasn't a serial killer before we went back to her's to shoot some videos.) We made two videos, one for her channel and one for mine but annoyingly, my video wasn't on the memory card but you can see her one here.

I got a bit of work done over the Christmas break but my first two mornings back in London have been much more productive. I've been straight back in to 6:30am starts for my first two days. I did some work for Imaging Blueprint yesterday and this morning edited some Star Wars cast interviews for a showbiz client.

I have lots I want to get done early in the year and also need to start thinking about Valentine's Day, I'm planning on making a new version of my second most popular video of all time, 'How To Make A Love Potion.'

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