How Does Higgypop's Network Work?

August 31, 2014 12:47 AM ‐ YouTube
We're a multi-channel network with a difference.  We don't want to sign you up to contracts and take your hard earned Ad Sense revenue.

So as you'll know the big channels on YouTube make cash through commercial deals. These channels are of course attractive to an advertiser, they can be guaranteed a million on more views of their product in a video. How else can an advertiser get a million views?

Well, they can spread the campaign over several moderately sized YouTube channels. One thousand views on one hundred channels is just as good.

How do our members benefit from this? We have a dedicated sales team who reach out to advertisers and sell deals across multiple channels. We then list the deals for all our members to see and they can bid for the chance to take part in the promotion.

We'll pick a cross-section of channels, looking at engagement and community involvement metrics and pick the channels who will take part in the campaign. The Creator will receive either a cash payment for taking part or a free/sample product.

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