Huel - The Future Of Food

By Steve Higgins
September 02, 2016 6:53 PM

I've decided to try something new, the self proclaimed "future of food," Huel.

As you know, I'm on a quest to eat healthier, lose some fat and save some money.  So when I was introduced to Huel I was pretty excited as it ticks all of those boxes.

My first experiences with Huel is that they are a really good company.  Their product is made in the UK and sent out with free next day delivery.  Their website is simple and it's really clear what you are buying.  They've gone for the "keep it simple" approach and it's really paid off.

Huel is a meal substitute, not necessarily just for weight loss but it does contain all the nutrients your body needs from a meal.  The perfect balance of proteins, carbs, and fats you need plus your complete RDA of all 26 essential vitamins and minerals​.  Which makes it a lot healthier than a lot of weight loss shakes.

The basic product comes as either original or vanilla flavour but you can buy additional flavourings to make it more exciting.

I tried a £4 sample vanilla pack last week and it was OK, I could certainly drink it again without an issue and with the added flavours it promises to be even better.

So, I ordered 28 meals yesterday at a cost of £45 which works out at a brilliant £1.61 per meal.  Huel promises that after you'll be fulfilled and won't have cravings for more food, so that's where the money saving comes in.

My plan is to stick to cereal for breakfast.  It's recommended to have Huel for lunch but that's a bit of a pain at work as I like to get out at lunch and don't want to be carrying shakers and bags of Huel to work.

So lunchtime I'll stick to my £1.50 lunch from Tesco, a basic sandwich and a snack pack of grapes.  Then I'll have my Huel, either vanilla or my choice of flavour, mocha, for my evening meal.

If my first 28 meals go to plan and I enjoy it, then I plan to buy a couple more flavours and stick to it.  Once I'm working from home in October, it'll then be easy to switch to Huel for lunch instead of the evening meal.

My first delivery was great, it was sent using DPD next day, I received a text in the morning giving me a one hour time slot for delivery and the driver showed up 20 minutes into that time slot.

With your first order you get a free branded t-shirt and a branded shaker, although it's really best to make it in a blender rather than the shaker.

I'm going to have my first Huel tomorrow, I'll report back after a week or so, or perhaps even the month and let you know how it went and whether I'll be keeping it up.

If you fancy giving a Huel a try yourself then you can use the link below to get £5 off of your first order...
» £5 off first order of Huel

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