I'm An SEO Skeptic

By Steve Higgins
June 07, 2017 8:36 AM
SEO Laptop
A friend recently asked me some advice on SEO and I found it difficult as I'm a firm believer in getting the content right rather than worrying about search engine optimisation, which I feel is a term that was invented to sell unnecessary services to web novices.

When it comes to SEO I believe it's more beneficial to concentrate on ensuring you have the right content in the right place at the right time.

Right Content

I think that by writing well you naturally include relevant, strong and varied keywords. Just by avoiding repeating words and phrase you end up packing a page with keywords, for example you might start a paragraph with "NASA are preparing for launch" and then to avoid using "NASA" again would start the next sentence with "The US space agency is planning..."

By expanding your vocabulary, adding detail and writing creatively you'll make your content easier to discover through search engines.

Right Place

Google builds trust in websites over time and the most common keywords used across you site reinforces your domain as a relevant source for that topic.

Making your website a trusted source of a strand of content or niche by pumping out lots of similar content will massively help you attract an audience through search engines.

Right Time

There's no point in writing about something that no one is interested in. Use Google Trends to research the topics you plan to write about. Create content while there's search interest or while interest is growing, not on the decline. I use that quite frequently to gauge interest in a topic to write/make a video about.

E.g. the term "Pokemon" has peaked after the 2016 game took over the world but "fidget spinner" is growing daily in 2017.
My friend was looking to launch a website which she has created herself to promote her business. Any website built using something like Wix or WordPress all have a good standard of page structure so Google can crawl and make sense of the content in the best way.

If you want to become an SEO expert yourself (which you can), my advice would be to think critically about advice your read or are given. There's a lot of ancient myths about SEO like back links and link exchanges. The problem is, when you search for information on SEO there are a lot of articles but many are old and now out-of-date as search engines are constantly tweaking their algorithms. However, SEO Moz are good as a reference to confirm any SEO beliefs.

There are of course some SEO essentials, like Google Web Master Tools which allows you to register an XML sitemap, and Google Analytics because you need to know what content you're producing is popular. Replicate what works and if something doesn't attract any traffic either tweak it or abandon it.

It's maybe not the most page of advice on SEO out there but I believe that if you write about what you know and be consistent with publishing articles to encourage Google to crawl your site regularly you're on to a winner.

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