More Than Just A Work Routine

By Steve Higgins
October 21, 2015 1:55 PM

It's day three of the new me and for the first time this morning I worked on a YouTube video in my new 7-9am work window but today also marks two weeks of healthy eating.

As I have in the previous two days, today I got up at 6:30 and had breakfast while browsing social media and then 7am marked the start of my work day. Rather than the two tasks I've been setting my self, today I had just one, shoot my next YouTube video.

I was making a video called 'How To Make A Shrinking Potion,' it wasn't a particularly complicated shoot. It involved making a few ingredients from things like marzipan but slightly more fiddly was hollowing out a breadstick and filling it with milk I'd died green to make a "dandy snap."

I managed to shoot the video within my two hours and even got part way through the edit, I'm going to pick up the rest of the edit tomorrow morning.

So, while it maybe day three of a new way of working, it's day 15 of my healthy eating regime. To give you a bit of back story, about five years ago I lost a lot of weight though a similar diet plan and by exercising lots. I lost a LOT of weight, I got down to almost 10 stone, it took about nine months but the problem was my body got used to all of the walking and I didn't have a healthy eating plan at the end of it, so my weight slowly started to creep back up.

What really kept me motivated when losing weight was seeing the change, my body seemed to be in a constant state of trying to loose weight, even if I went out for a huge, unhealthy meal it didn't affect me. So when my body switched state and went back in to a fat storing mode, my source of motivation, seeing that change, was gone.

I've tried to replicate that "diet" since but haven't last more than a few days but clearly at the moment I'm very motivated and have a lot of will power, having quite caffeine, Diet Coke and change my working life around... so right now, on day 15 it seems to be sticking. I haven't faulted once in my 15 days so far.

The way it worked last time and the way I've started off this time is to work on a five day cycle and within those five days I have one treat. That treat could be a night out drinking (like that ever happens anymore), a pizza or takeaway or just a slightly less healthy home cooked meal. The rest of the time I stick to eating breakfast every day, a healthy(ish) lunch and a healthy dinner.

Lunch isn't as healthy as it could be as I'm currently trying to save some money too to buy a camper van (more about that dream/goal soon) so I've been going for budget Tesco lunches, the basics sandwiches and a packet of grapes which costs me Β£1.35 a day, I might also have a packet of crisps a couple of times a week if I feel I need it. Evening meals have been thinking like soups, chicken and salad pitta, tuna pitta, lentil dahl, and chicken and roast vegetables.

I've decided to weigh in on Monday mornings, after the first week I'd lost 1KG which is a pretty good start and would be happy if I could keep that up every week. I've made my diet more sensible this time so when I hit my desired weight I won't fall off the end, it should be sustainable after too and includes enough variety to keep meal times interesting.

Tomorrow I'll be back with another post, I think I'll talk some more about my camper van dream and still to come, my experience with research virtual assistants in India.

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