My Digital Year 2016

By Steve Higgins
December 30, 2016 11:38 PM ‐ YouTube

2016 wasn't a great year, there was Brexit, Trump and the death of countless celebrities but online the last twelve months have been good to me.

My Digital Year 2016

2,008,870 Total Website Page Views

The year started with my GhostArk content delivering a big chunk of website traffic, then a flash of light in Bristol became one of the top pages of the year in just three days.

I did some work on my website Rate My Crush which resulted in an increase of more than 225k page views over the year making it my busiest website of 2016.

Countdown To Red Cups also saw a 35% increase in page views year on year making it my second biggest website, an amazing feat when you think that all of this traffic comes in just one month of the year.

Nettleden's page views were down slightly on last year but the site still performed well over the last twelve months, although now badly in need of some work including paying made mobile-friendly at the very least.

The biggest growth in number came from this site, I increased my efforts on this site, started blogging more and looked for more commercial opportunities, the result was an increase in page views by 167% and is now by far my most profitable website.

My Top Websites 2016 (Page Views)

1. Rate My Crush - 718,329
2. Countdown To Red Cups - 539,494
3. Nettleden - 512,623
4. Higgypop - 111,989
5. Burlington Bunker - 82,797

My Top Pieces Of Content (Page Views)

My YouTube Channel Broke 10 Million Views

My website numbers don't seen all that impressive when compared to my YouTube channel. This year my channel broke the 10 million views mark and climbed to almost 40k subscribers.

Here's some top level stats from my channel in 2016...
5,572,129 video views
15 years, 240 days of watch time
18,685 subscribers gained

My Top Videos Of 2016 (Views)

Plans For 2017

So, you're probably not wondering what I have planned for 2017. Well, as I mentioned previously, Nettleden badly need some love and attention and I've already started working on that.

I have some plans for Rate My Crush to try to maximise its success.  I will of course continue to make a YouTube video every week and have some thoughts in the back of mind on things like podcasting, and also a few eager co-podcasters.

I guess only time will tell what I'll get round to doing, what will work and which ideas will be ditched after a month, but until then thanks for all of your support over the past year. 

Have a happy and creative 2017!

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