PewDiePie Blocks All YouTube Comments

By Steve Higgins
September 03, 2014 2:58 PM ‐ YouTube
Gaming channel PewDiePie has announced in a recent video that he is saying goodbye to YouTube comment forever.

As of last week's all of PewDiePie's videos have had the commenting tool turned off. He told his 30 million plus subscribers that the "comments and it's mainly spam, it's people self-advertising... I don't care about it" and has now turned "the comments off forever".

The Swedish gamer, who's real name is Felix says his fans can still reach him through Twitter.

YouTube say that are trying to deal with the problem of spam overtaking the comments in viral videos.

PewDiePie seems unimpressed by YouTube's efforts stating that the issue has "been bothering me for so long now, I've been trying to find solutions to it, hoping it would get better...but it doesn't seem like it and I'm just sick of it."


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