PewDiePie Clears Up Claims He's Unhappy With Maker

By Steve Higgins
October 08, 2014 11:06 AM ‐ YouTube
Yesterday online news outlets were reporting that 24-year-old YouTube star Felix Kjellberg, AKA PewDiePie was unhappy with the way his MCN, Maker Studios was run.

The gamer tweeted following the report stating that he is in fact "really happy" with the work Maker have been doing to support his channel.

Going back to the original interview in Swedish magazine Icon, it looks like Maker's fate with PewDiePie is still to be decided. Talking about Maker's 2014 acquisition from Disney, Felix said "the fact that Disney bought Maker Studios doesn’t really change anything for me. If I ask for help, they reply, but that’s all the contact we have. We’ll see what happens."

And how about the claims that he's looking to start his own multi-channel network, well, from the horse's mouth... "I'm in touch with a couple of people who I think would be so right for this. I’m eager to get it all up and running. So far, all the networks have been managed in such an incredibly poor way, it’s embarrassing really. I’d like to help other YouTubers."

Of course this doesn't necessarily mean a departure from Maker, the YouTuber could in fact be talking about a sub-network or a deal which would work alongside Maker.

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