Shrinking Potion And Growing Balance

By Steve Higgins
October 22, 2015 1:56 PM

It's day four, the week is flying by and today was all about getting a video edit done before work and heading back home to Bristol for the weekend.

During my early morning work slot today, I filled out a boring form which I need to get through as my first task and then spent the rest of my time on the second task which was a video edit.

Getting the edit done within the deadline was probably the most challenging task I've set myself since I've been working this way. I literally finished uploading the 'How To Make A Shrinking Potion' to YouTube at exactly 8:58 with two minutes to spare.

I was then into my half hour of getting ready to head to actual work, as I sorted out my clothes for the day, I also through some stuff into a bag for my trip back to Bristol, so when I got home this evening I didn't have any work hanging over me and I didn't need to pack.

The weekend in Bristol will probably be mostly spent in my friends' VW camper van, I think if I moved back to Bristol, that's how I'd like to spend most of my time which is why for the last two months I've been saving for my own VW.

Like everything I seem to be doing at the moment, I've put in place a system for saving money which requires some will power, again something I seem to have at the moment and I've been sticking to it for over two months.

To start with I rearranged my finances a little. Up until I started saving my PAYE, freelance earnings and YouTube/Google AdSense revenue have all been going in to my current account, making it hard to track. So, I set up a business account, changed all the payments so they go automatically into the new account and move all of purchase related to self employed work to come out of the new account, things like hosting and the cost of props for videos.

So, now my business account I can ignore, it's profitable and there's always enough there to cover any bills or payments, so I'm just letting money stockpile there and once a month transferring some out into my savings account and leaving a float of £500 in that account.

That's all good in terms of business spending, but my personal cash flow has taken a bit more attention and will power. To limit my spending I've been limiting myself to cash, so I've been taking out a chunk of cash at the start of the month and spending up to £10 a day, every day. If I don't spend the full allowance then I put it into a pot and roll it over, that pot then goes towards nights out (which is usually just a meal somewhere, so no more than £30).

All my bills come out straight after pay day, then I withdraw my cash allowance and pretty much everything else then goes into my savings account. The spending limit has encouraged me to cut my daily costs, as I said yesterday I now buy lunch for £1.35 every day and tend to think before buying something.

Tomorrow I'm working from home but at my parent's house in Bristol but I still plan to get up at 6:30 and getting my two hours of work in before starting my official work duties at 10am. Actually, as there's no journey to work I could have a half hour lie in.

I'll let you know what I decide to do tomorrow as I come to the end of my first week of blogging.

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