Best YouTube MCNs For Small Channels

By Steve Higgins
September 06, 2014 3:34 PM ‐ YouTube
It's a question which gets asked a lot, which YouTube multi-channel network is best for a small or new channel?

I'm not going to give you a definitive answer because it depends on you, what you want and what type of channel you are running.

Firstly let's cross one thing off of the list and that's revenue. If you're a channel of 1,000 subscribers or less, maybe doing 10,000 video views a month then as a standard YouTube partner you're not going to be making more than $50 a month. A network takes between 15 and 40%, so let's say, worse case, being a part of an MCN you are losing $20 a month. Think of that as your monthly fee for being part of the network, it's not actually a lot but what is important is what you are getting for that money.

On my personal channel all of my videos need unique music, of course this isn't free. The license for a song through a service like Audio Jungle is about $7-12, so for me joining the network which offers access to the best free audio library is the best deal. If I make a video a week, I am saving up to $48 on music, instead just paying my $20 percentage to the MCN through AdSense.

No, MCN is going to take on a small channel and make you the next Tyler Oakley, only you can do that. If your aim is to grow your channel then look at what the MCN offers to help you do this. It may be tutorial videos to help you improve your content, this can be valuable stuff, just look at the cost of some online video and special effects courses, it can be hundreds of dollars and through an MCN you could get access for as little as a couple of dollars a month (depending on your channel size.)

Another tool which you may find useful is the network's forums and message boards. Here you can chat to other Creators, share idea, find people to collaborate with and start to make a name for yourself. Sounds great right? Yes, but you need to put the effort in and you need to do a bit of research. If you make vlogs about news and current affairs, there's no point joining a network which attracts mostly gamers. Try to find out what sort of members they have and who the network appeals to.

The final thing to remember is that, if things go well, you won't be a small channel forever and MCNs generally have tie-in clauses. So, do your research, know and understand the contract you are signing. It might be that after a year as part of a network you're better off on your own, the cost may eventually out weight the benefits. Make sure you know how and when you can leave.

So, in summary:
1. Find out what the network will offer you in exchange for the share of your AdSense revenue
2. Do you research and make sure you'll meet like-minded people
3. Review your partnership regularly, are you still getting value

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