The All New Imaging Blueprint

By Steve Higgins
December 10, 2015 4:33 PM

After a LOT of work over the best part of a year, of course balancing the work around a full time job, I'm really pleased that the new Imaging Blueprint website has been revealed to the world.

Imaging Blueprint has some of the cleverest and most advanced features I've ever built into a website. This was version two of the site, I built the first version back in 2012.

The site is a subscription based, audio production website aimed at the radio industry and is run by two very talented friends of mine. The new site has some awesome new features, the ones I most proud of are:

Massively improved batch downloads. Users can add file to their basket and download them as a zip file, the zip is then stored for 24 hours so the user can re-download if needed.

New audio player, the site now generates waveforms on upload and shows the progress in the player, kind of like SoundCloud. There's also some nice little feature like radial play button progress.

The whole site runs with AJAX loaded pages to make the site load time nice and fast, it also means that when audio is playing the user can still click around the website without interrupting playback.

I also got rid of the datatables plugin, it just wasn't good enough, it incorrectly sorted content, it couldn't properly sort numbers like 01 and 1, it was just messy. So the new AJAX site does all the sorting server side.

The site now uses more familiar Bootstrap elements and has a very modern landing page. The whole site is bigger and bolder than the previous version but still upholds Imaging Blueprint's awesome branding quality and the excellent original, bespoke design which they had done for version one.

It's one of my finest pieces of work and the project I am currently most proud of.

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