The Importance Of Collaboration

By Steve Higgins
September 01, 2014 2:46 PM ‐ YouTube
Higgypop & Little Rich Collaboration
One of the best ways to grow a YouTube channel is to collaborate with other Creators. By doing so you are, not just exposed to the other channel's subscribers and viewers, but you are introduced to them.

Whether the channel is bigger or smaller than your's, collaborating is always beneficial as it will help to grow an informal network and community around your's and your fellow collaborator's videos.

Never be scared to contact a channel, even a big channel to ask to work them. Creators will often be happy to send you a clip to feature in one of your videos. However, collaborations work best when you create a multiple videos and release them at the same time on both of your channels.

At Play Square we understand that finding a channel or Creator to collaborate with can be tough which is why we offer collaboration matching tools. If you mark yourself as 'currently looking to collaborate' then we will suggest your channel to other creators, matching you by channel type, age range and location.

Think of it like a dating site but rather than making sweet love, you'll be making sweet videos... well, unless you really get on.

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