Time For A Reboot

By Steve Higgins
August 22, 2016 6:46 PM

Right, laptop off and Moleskin out, tonight is a night of reflection and planning. My new lifestyle needs a reboot, I need to get back on track and make sure I'm even more motivated and heading for what I truly want.


Why A Reboot?

Well, first of you might be thinking that it's a bit counter productive to plan a night reflecting and planning and spend it blogging this... but I find that declaring my intentions in my blog (even though no one reads it) is really beneficial.

It helps me focus.  When I need to put into words what I am reflecting on and what I'm planning and why, it helps me to cement those ideas and aims and massively helps when it comes to the planning stage.

So, why am I rebooting?  Well, last year in October I changed my life around a bit.  I started saving heavily for a camper van.  I improved my diet, was eating well and losing weight and I was very motivated in terms of extra-curricular work.

I also quit caffeine, stopped biting my nails, started reading fiction before bed, started getting early nights and I got up at 6:30 every morning to plough through some work before my full time job so that I focused my energy on my own projects and had evenings free.

Some of that has slipped over the year.  Sadly healthy eating didn't last.  My savings account got emptied when I realised I wouldn't be able to buy a camper van before I moved back to Bristol so I had to get a car instead as I need transport in Bristol.  The 6:30 starts have remained but I was getting up early five days a week, now it's one or two days a week.

I am still reading every night before bed but the early nights have gone out of the window.

However, I still don't bite my nails and I'm still off of caffeine (apart from the treat coffees as was the deal originally).

So, I need to remember why I was doing all of this in the first place, realign and get committed and motivated.

My Goals

Tonight I want to write down those changes I made to my life to reenforce them and clarify them.

So, I'll ignore the individual process and changes for now (like get up at 6:30am) and will instead list my goals.

I want to:-
  • Get healthy
  • Save enough money to buy a camper van
  • Work in an environment I enjoy
  • Maximise the potential of my YouTube channel and websites
  • Eliminate unnecessary work life clutter, avoid working for work's sake
  • Improve my online personal brand and monetise it
  • Make the most of being near friends and family
  • Get a dog

I'm going to go away now and have think and will get back to you tonight or tomorrow with my revised life plan.

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