Whizz Pop Bark Sound Effect Fun

By Steve Higgins
November 05, 2015 2:01 PM

This week has been another productive week, I don't feel I have as much to show for it as in previous week's but I have been using my time effectively and also enjoying my down time.

It's a grey and miserable Thursday in London but it's OK because I'm currently on a train to grey and miserable Bristol. It might not sound much better but it's a happier place to be for the weekend and I'm looking forward to seeing friends and family... I wonder if any of them will notice my half a stone weight loss yet? I can't see a difference myself yet.

In between doing some work for my favourite client, Imaging Blueprint during my early morning shifts, this week I've also done a little bit of work for the dating site I work on and spent an hour replying to this week's batch of comments on my YouTube channel.

While lying in bed listening to audio books this week I decided to look into master re-seller rights on sound effects. I know this market is massively saturated but I think I'm pretty good at SEO. Take Starbucks' Red Cups for example, I rank higher in Google for searches related to the coffee chain's Christmas drinks than they do themselves.

So my plan is to tag, categorise, sub-categories to every piece of re-sellable audio I can get my hands on then add title, meta titles, descriptions and inter-link the heck out of it. So although my content might not be unique, I plan to maximise it's potential by making it the most SEOed audio library on the whole internet.

I'm also looking to target my site at a niche, which will be YouTubers and video makers with a flexible pricing structure to make it appeal to small YouTube channels to big video production houses.

So far I've built a clever (if I do say so myself) audio ingestion tool which means I can bulk import audio files into the database and then batch categories them. My plans is to get the backend up and running first using my tried and tested content management system (which could do with a refresh itself) and then start working on the front end.

For the front end, I have a lot of experience with audio distribution which I've learnt through building version two of the Imaging Blueprint website, but to reduce the build time I've opted to use a template I've bought from Theme Forest. Hopefully it will be a relatively quick build and which means I should be able to get the site up and running soon.

The aim is to promote the site with some PPC advertising and then to keep looking for ways to add to the audio library to make it as extensive and valuable as possible.

So that's the current extracurricular project. I'm currently working on that outside of my morning hours because at the moment it doesn't take priority, it doesn't make money yet and I can't raise an invoice for it, it's just a fun project so far.

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