YouTube Consultation

By Steve Higgins
June 23, 2016 8:46 PM

Many will promise to increase your YouTube video views and channel growth but few can get to the root of this and help with the optimisation of your YouTube presence to ensure that your channel and videos rank highly in video search results.


What I Can Offer

I offer a YouTube consultation service which not only focuses on video search optimisation but also the aesthetics of your channel design and video thumbnails.

I can help you brand your channel and maximise the potential of your videos. With over ten years of professional YouTube experience, I can tell you how to effectively read YouTube's analytics as well as provide you with stats and figures that you may be unaware of.

What a consultation includes...
  • An overall rating of your channel out of 10
  • SEO improvements on video title/descriptions
  • Channel page and playlist optimisation
  • Effectiveness of your InVideo Programming and annotations
  • Design and layout (including thumbnail and artwork tips)
  • Google+ integration (including 'tops fans' and tips of effectively posting new videos)

I also offer full YouTube channel management.  Running a YouTube channel is time consuming, the shooting and editing alone can be too much for some.  I can help by overseeing your channel and doing all the technical work for you, leaving you time to concentrate on making great videos.

As part of this service I will optimise your videos titles, tags and description to enhance its video search potential. I'll also create custom thumbnails for you, add annotations and subscribe links to your end cards and give constructive feedback on your videos.

I'll also make sure your channel page stays up to date, manage your video playlists on a weekly basis and if you need me to, I'll even reply to your comments to ensure your loyal viewers feel engaged and appreciated.

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