Mythical Creatures

  • The 10 Most Popular Mythical Creatures

    March 30, 2017

    The ten most believed, talked about and researched creatures based on Google search data from the last five years. Where will your favourite fantastic beast end up in the list?

  • Evidence That Mermaids Exist - Are Mermaids Real?

    March 26, 2017

    The best photos, videos and evidence that prove that mermaids really exist, some reports can be found in centuries old folklore, but mermaid sightings have been reported to this day, especially in Israel and Zimbabwe, which seem to be mermaid hotspots.

  • Say Mermaid Five Times, Repost This, Then Touch Water - Ritual Instructions

    March 09, 2017

    Say mermaid five time, don't speak until you repost this, then touch water... If you're a regular on YouTube then you probably will have seen thousands of comments which say say mermaid five time, don't speak until you repost this, then touch water but what happens if you do it? Mermaid are half...

  • 4 Ways To Become A Mermaid

    March 05, 2017

    If you've ever dreamt of becoming a mermaid or merman and leaving a life beneath the waves amongst other merfolk, then here are several ways you transfigure yourself into a merperson using either a magic potion or a ritual.

  • 5 Curious British Legends

    January 22, 2017

    Britain has a long and rich history of folklore and legend. From the well known tales of Arthurian legend through to the varied, and often curious line-up of mythical creatures and spiritual beings. England has more than its fair share of interesting local stories, Many of which revolve around physical landmarks or items which can be visited or seen to this day.

  • How To Become A Mermaid

    November 12, 2016

    If you'd like to dive beneath the waves and live the life of a merhuman, then here's a potion which will help you fulfil your watery dreams.

  • Real Mermaid Washed Up On UK Beach?

    October 18, 2016

    This week the internet has gone crazy after photos and video of a dead mermaid washed up on a beach in the UK emerged.

  • 5 Strange Mysterious Creatures And Cryptids

    September 26, 2016

    Mysterious creatures and strange cryptids are the topic of this video.

  • Fantastic Beasts And How I Made Them

    July 26, 2016

    In this video I’m going to tell you about some of the amazing creatures I’ve created with my potions. Everything from mermaids to unicorns. I’ve even made baby fire breathing dragons and fierce werewolves... I’m going to show you some of my favourite fantastic beasts and how I made them.

  • How To Make A Fairy Potion To Summon A Fairy

    June 09, 2016

    This magical potion will let you summon your own fairy to help you around the house or to flutter around at the end of your garden... A fairy potion can be tricky to make but I’ll guide you throw it with my mouth words, to start with prepare your cauldron and add the following ingredients... A...

  • Bigfoot - The Parapod Series 2, Episode 10 Review

    April 26, 2016

    Barry Dodds tackles one of the most famous mysteries of all time, the legend of Bigfoot, how will Ray Peacock cope with Barry's claims about this mythical beast?

  • Real Girl Becomes A Mermaid Potion

    April 21, 2016

    If you'd like to dive beneath the waves and live the life of a merhuman, then here's a potion which will help you fulfil your watery dreams... You'll need the following ingredients: 1. Water 2. Dried dragon flower crown 3. Rarbon's shell 4. Wasp wood or oliver wood 5. Pentithorne 6. Lobster snot...

  • The Slender Man - The Parapod Series 2, Episode 4 Review

    March 08, 2016

    Paranormal believer Barry Dodds was going to debate the mysterious case of the Mary Celeste in this episode of the podcast, but ditched it last minute in favour of a mystery he'd found out about just one day perviously, Slender Man. But will skeptic Ray Peacock be convinced by Barry's fairy story?

  • Tracking The Chupacabra - The ParaPod Series 2, Episode 3 Review

    March 01, 2016

    Is the chupacabra a blood sucking weaponised monster created in a lab by government scientists, or is it the fictional creation of a mad woman? Barry Dodds finds out once and for all.

  • The Loch Ness Monster - The ParaPod Series 2, Episode 1 Review

    February 09, 2016

    The ParaPod returns for a second series and this time round Barry Dodds and Ray Peacock shift from ghosts to mysteries, but can Barry convince Ray that the Loch Ness Monster is real?

  • How To Become A Mermaid - A Potion That Really Works

    September 04, 2014

    Making a working mermaid/merman potion can be very difficult but it is possible to turn yourself into a mermaid if you get it right. The change will normally take place over night so ensure you're not wearing any clothes on the lower half of your body... 1. Grind some sea shells in a pestle and a...

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