Find The Dominant Elements In Your Birth Chart

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Five Earth Elements
This free online birth chart elements calculator uses a highly trained algorithm to determine what your dominant element is, whether that be earth, fire, air or water. The calculator will also tell you how important each of the four classical elements are to your horoscope.

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How It Works

Our dominant elements algorithm is based on the the classical interpretation of the chart combined with the four classical elements, as well as the positions, aspects and rulerships of planets and houses.

When we calculate your dominants we take into account such factors as the planet which rule your Sun sign, as this has a stronger influence on your chart. If your Venus is in Aries, for example, you have strong fire element, along with strong earth element. The same variations occur with the Ascendent.

The results will tell you the dominances of the elements in your natal chart, including the proportions in which earth, fire, air and water are represented, if at all. It's not uncommon to have only one, or perhaps two dominant elements in your chart. One element could have a great deal more significance than others, this is perfectly normal.

Most online astrological and psychic reading websites ask for your email address and personal details in order to obtain a calculation, but we don't ask for any of your personal details, other than your name and date of birth in order to calculate your chart.

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