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Nancy Drinking Punch In Stranger Things
If you're planning on ploughing through all nine episodes of Stranger Things season 2, a total of almost eight hours of supernatural entertainment, then you might need something to keep you going. How about gallons of pure fuel and a fun game to play?

The Rules

The rules are simple, you supply the booze and then take a sip of your drink every time something on the list below occurs in an episode of the second season of Stranger Things.

For the more hardcore player, some special rules apply... there are five rarer "two star" things to look out for, if you spot these then you have to take two sips of your drink.

To unlock the ultimate Stranger Things Drinking Game achievement, play with the final set of ultra-rare events. Spot any of the things on the "three star" and you'll get to down your whole drink.

The most important rule: When your glass is empty, fill it up again.

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Stranger Things Party Scene

So, invite a few friends over, poor yourself a glass of your favourite drink, fire up Netflix and get ready to get smashed (sensibly).

Take One Sip Every Time

Someone is seen watching a television show from the 80s
One of the cast references a retro movie
Eleven gets a nose bleed
Barb is mentioned
A piece of retro technology is used
A poster advertising an 80s product is shown
Dustin makes up a new name for something
An old school kids toy is seen
An Eggo waffle is spotted
A pumpkin is seen
The name of a vintage video game is mentioned
You see something related to Ghostbusters
Someone uses their telekinetic powers
Will drifts back to the Upside Down
An old school snack or candy is mentioned

Take Two Sips Every Time

Someone is killed
Barb is spotted in some form
Someone says "friends don't lie"
Someone eats an Eggo waffle
A vintage political campaign poster is spotted

Finish Your Drink If

You see ET
Arnold Schwarzenegger is shown on screen
Jason from Friday The Thirteenth appears
If you manage to make it to the end of the season without being led face-down in a pool of your own vomit, then you've done well. But, we predict that by the time you Joyce starts loosing it again, you'll look something like this...
Stranger Things Nancy Drunk

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