EVP Digital Audio Recorder

Use this simple to use high-quality sound record to capture spirits, a technique known as EVP (electronic voice phenomenon). You can record up to 12 hours of audio while on your paranormal investigation.


Easier to Record High-quality Sound
Too complicated to record voice on your phone? Why not get an ieGeek mini voice recorder? Supported with 3 modes: Digital Voice Recorder, MP3 Player and USB Stick, it's super easy to record and playback in clear sound.

A-B Repeat
Support A to B repeating playback, easy to repeat important recordings, never miss any details.

Compact and Easy Operation
Tiny and compact design so you can record while it's in your pocket, ON start record, OFF save file, ideal for meeting, class, lectures, conferences, interviews, vocabulary trainer, study, take notes, or enjoy music.

Plug & Play on PC
Plug and play on PC via USB connector, you can transfer and listen to the recordings easily without installing addition software (NOT for MAC).

1. Please turn down the volume to 70% or less before recording for better experience.
2. Please keep the recorder steadily during recording, the microphones are ultra sensitive and any movement may result in noise and affect the sound quality.
3. It can be charged on PC via USB connector or charged with an adapter (Current 500mA-1A).

Screen Size: 1.6 inch
Resolution: 1536Kbps
Sampling Rate: 20Hz-20KHz
SNR: >70dB
Memory: 8GB
Battery Capacity: 280mAh
Working Time: 12 Hours
Play time: 8 hours
Headphone Output: 10mw + 10mw (320hm)
Distortion: 0.05%
USB Port: USB 2.0
Recording format: HQ - WAV 1536KBPS; SP - MP3 192KBPS
Support System: Windows98/2000/XP, etc
Support: MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, APE, FLAC
Size: 3.8*1.3*0.4 in
Weight: 36g

Package List:
1 * Voice Recorder
1 * Earphone
1 * Usb Cable
1 * Microphone
1 * Audio Cable
1 * Telephone Cable & Junction Box
1 * User Manual

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Using a dedicated audio recorded will give you better sound quality than a mobile phone and the battery will last much loner than a phone.

This digital voice recorder captures MP3 which ban be played back on the device, there's even an A-B repeat function allowing you to easily replay anything odd you catch in the recording.

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