Gladiator Flashlight

It's the tactical flashlight Americans are buying to feel safer in their homes. This flashlight uses the same powerful LED technology that you'd find in light used by the US Navy Seals, the coast guard, fire fighters, police.


Why You Need a Tactical Torch?
When you hear something go bump in the night and you think that something might be armed and dangerous,
there's a particular way you want to maneuver in a dark space when using your flashlight to maximize your safety!

Come to BYBLIGHT, Get the Best Tactical Flashlight
There are thousands of flashlight modes on the market, the one you choose will typically come down to your budget and personal preference.
Here are the reasons you choose BYBLIGHT

For an effective self-defense tool, it needs to be bright enough to disorient attackers,
our Tactical Flashlight has no doubt to get the job with its 800 lumens output, it also can be used for camping or any other normal lighting!

Ruggedly Constructed
You don't worry about dropping your flashlight when you need it most with its hard anodized aluminum and machined body,
it is easy to grip with the provided lanyard protected!

Portable & Compact
Considering you will carry the flashlight in your pocket every day, its size is smaller than the size of your palm. Good for EDC!

High Quality CREE LED
To enhance the ability of withstanding a beating, our Tactical Flashlight is provided high quality CREE LED,
it won't be broken easily but very energy efficient compare with the competitor!

IP65 Waterproof
You can use the flashlight in any other wet conditions, even in the heavy rain thanks to the high rated water resistant!

high, medium, low, strobe and SOS signaling features with simple button to control as well as the Adjustable Focus on distant objects!

In order to protect the battery's lifespan, we have put the insulation slices between the battery and the LED Flashlight tail part, so please take out the insulation slices before using the flashlight to illuminate

  • Buy it used from £18.98
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This flashlight is bright, really bright. It's inexpensive, solid like a rock and comes with an 18 month warranty and lifetime tech support.

The flashlight comes with one rechargeable battery and a charger.

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