An electro-magnetic frequency meter is an essential piece of ghost hunting kit and by far one of the most widely used. The K-II EMF meter is the most popular EMF meter. The device is reliable, simple to use with nothing more than an on/off switch and it's highly sensitive, detecting fluctuations and spikes in the EM field from 50 to 1,000Hz. The device gives instant via five LED lights.


The K2 EMF meter is a quality USA made, rugged, powerful, portable, easy to use, fast sampling Electromagnetic field (EMF) meter that covers frequencies from 50-20,000 Hz at an accuracy of 5% at 50-60 Hz. This makes the K2 EMF meter a great instrument for both Paranormal Research and for finding potentially harmful high EMF levels in your home or work environment. The K2 EMF meter is pocket sized so that you can always be ready to take a reading. It comes ready to use with a quality 9V battery that lasts a long time. Simply click to turn it on and click to turn it off. The UV reactive label lights up under UV lighting and is a nice new feature but is not necessary to see the level of EMF detected. The colored led lights makes readings obvious to easily spot in day light or darkness.

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