Complete Ghost Hunter's Starter Kit

A six piece paranormal investigation starter set which includes popular and top-rated ghost hunting tools, products which are low cost and reliable. The started kit includes a night vision camera, a digital audio recorder for capturing EVPs, an EMF meter, a green laser pointer for creating a laser grid which is used to detect movement, and an infrared thermometer to monitor temperature fluctuations. The whole bundle of ghostly gadgets comes in at just over ยฃ100.


EMF Meter

Many paranormal investigators believe that ghosts and spirits can effect the electromagnetic spectrum. This low cost electromagnetic radiation detector will allow you to monitor spikes in the EM field while on investigations.

The device is easy to use and allows you mo measure the intensity of electromagnetic radiation in realtime.

When using this product on investigations, be sure to do a baseline test first to eliminate faulty wiring and other normal electrical anomalies.

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Digital Voice Recorder

Use this simple to use high-quality sound record to capture spirits, a technique known as EVP (electronic voice phenomenon). You can record up to 12 hours of audio while on your paranormal investigation.

Using a dedicated audio recorded will give you better sound quality than a mobile phone and the battery will last much loner than a phone.

This digital voice recorder captures MP3 which ban be played back on the device, there's even an A-B repeat function allowing you to easily replay anything odd you catch in the recording.

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Digital Night Vision Camcorder

Make sure you never miss a thing in the dark with the low cost but five-star rated video camera with infrared night vision and an LED fill light.

The camera records 16:9 full HD 1080p video on to an SD card of up to 32GB. It has a 2.7-inch touch screen LCD view finder, which can be flipped around so it's forward facing.

The camcorder is perfect for day or night use, it has great picture quality, it's easy to use and is small and compact, making it ideal for ghost hunters.

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Infrared Thermometer

Point, aim and pull the trigger to get an instant temperature measurement. There is no set up required, and results can been seen on the backlit screen instantly.

This handy ghost hunting tool also features laser visual guidance, so you'll always know you are scanning the right spot. It makes for better accuracy and easier operation.

Intense cold spot or unexplained temperature increases are often thought to be signs of a spirit manifesting.

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21 LED UV Flashlight

Enhance your paranormal investigation with this 21 LED ultraviolet torch. The LEDs in this light are rated to last for over 10,000 hours.

This compact affordable piece of equipment is a must have for all ghost hunters as the bulbs are long life and help protect your night vision.

You can use it in conjunction with your full spectrum camera's infrared function to achieve even better dual spectrum lighting.

It is made from rain proof, light weight aluminium and has knurled grip and lanyard.

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Green Laser Pointer With Grid

A powerful green laser pointer with a range of up to 1km. The light pen is fully waterproof and very robust with its black, lightweight aluminium case.

The laser comes with a star capter filter which creates a grid of a green laser light. This grid can be used to look for movement in a darkened room.

The light takes one 18650 battery, which can usually be recharged, making this ghost hunting gadget cheap to keep running.

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