Hassetts' House - Haunted History

Hassett's House, Leeds

Leeds, West Yorkshire

It's not known who or what haunts this 350-year-old home which used to be a coaching inn. The semi-detached property has been home to the Hassett family for over 20 years, but as soon as they moved in they started experiencing paranormal activity.

The first thing they experienced was the disembodied sound of children playing, voices and phantom moans coming from the fireplace.

The family have also experienced hearing footsteps, has pictures inexplicable fall from the walls, and witnessed unexplained knock and bangs, and doors slamming own their own.

There has also been sightings of dark apparitions and dark shadowy figure. One family member even reported being awoken in the night by unseen hands shaking him by the shoulders.

The house also has an eerie cellar that contains an old well, a place where the family's dogs refuses to enter.


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