The Ultimate 10 Must-See Episodes Of Ghost Hunting Shows

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Paranormal Lockdown UK: The Mill Street Barracks
If you're looking for something spooky to watch with a hint of realism, then we've hand picked ten of the best episodes of ghost hunting shows.

These ten instalments of some of the best known paranormal reality shows all contain some of the best evidence the teams that feature in them have ever caught, from unexplained sounds and objects moving on their own through to full-bodied apparitions caught on camera.

The list is presented in no particular order. We didn't want to rank the episodes as they all have merit in their own way, either as a seemingly credible piece of evidence, or as an incident that divides opinion and sparks debate.

Most Haunted - Wentworth Woodhouse Stables [S20E02]

Most Haunted Ghost Wentworth Woodhouse

In a 2017 episode of the long-running British ghost hunting show, 'Most Haunted', Yvette Fielding and team caught a figure on camera which Yvette described as the show's "most groundbreaking footage" to date.

In the episode the team investigated the huge stable buildings on the grounds of the grand Wentworth Woodhouse near Rotherham. In its day, the very impressive stable block would have been a hive of activity, but today the buildings are abandoned.

While investigating a room on the first floor, investigator Karl Beattie caught a figure walking in the darkness on camera. Karl picked up his camera and he and fellow investigator Stuart Torevell ran along the corridor in pursuit, only to find there was no one there.

After the incident, Yvette said, "to date, this has to be the most groundbreaking footage we have ever captured."

Paranormal Lockdown - Shrewsbury Prison [S02E02]

Paranormal Lockdown US: HM Prison Shrewsbury

In 2016 Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman from the US paranormal series 'Paranormal Lockdown' investigated the imposing and sinister HMP Shrewsbury.

During the investigation Nick was alone in the abandoned prison's former hanging room, where a noose now hangs marking the spot of the former gallows where hundreds of prisoners paid the ultimate price for their crimes.

As Nick calls out to the spirits of the prison, the noose suddenly jerks and the rope begins to swing. At the time Nick was alone in the room and all the windows were closed, which rules out the possibility of a draught causing the movement.

Watching the moment back later, his fellow investigator Katrina said, "this is probably one of the best pieces of footage I've ever seen in my ten year career in the paranormal field."

Help! My House Is Haunted - Old Cottage [S02E07]

Help! My House Is Haunted: Old Cottage

'Help! My House Is Haunted' is a British paranormal investigation show fronted by Barri Ghai, Jayne Harris and Chris Fleming. In the 2019 series, the team went to a small village in mid-Devon to investigate reports of paranormal activity at a historic 16th century cottage.

Early in the investigation, the team were joined by the home's owners in the kitchen. They decided to focus their attention on a small cast iron model of a stove, complete with little pots and pans. The owner's of the house claim that the heavy model had once fallen off of the fridge under unexplainable circumstances.

Holding her hands above the heavy cast iron model, Jayne leads the experiment by calling out "we'd like to ask any spirits, entities, elementals, use my energy to move this object." Suddenly, something happened and the look of shock on Jayne's face is undeniable. One of the small saucepans that were sat on top of the stove seemed to jump up and hit her hand.

Jayne said, "I didn't touch it. It literally touched my hand." The moment was caught on camera from several angles. Jayne described the incident as a "really unusual and unsettling experience".

Ghosts Of Morgan City - Blue Shirt Of Idlewild [S01E03]

Ghosts Of Morgan City Apparition - Blue Shirt of Idlewild

A new American ghost hunting show caught footage of what appeared to be a full-bodied apparition of a young girl in 2019, while investigating a house in Louisiana.

The figure was caught on camera during an investigation for the third episode of 'Ghosts Of Morgan City', in which the team spent the night at the Idlewild Plantation in St. Mary Parish, Louisiana. The figure was seen walking through the dining room wearing a white dress while the house was empty. The incident was caught on a static camera placed in an adjoining room.

Paranormal experts have since had their say on the footage. The general consensus seems to be that the clip is strong evidence. Some experts are cautiously saying it the real deal, while other aren't willing to completely rule out a more rational explanation.

Ghost Adventures: Quarantine - Dybbuk Box: The Opening [S01E04]

Zak Bagans - Ghost Adventures: Quarantine

'Ghost Adventures: Quarantine' was a four-part spin-off series filmed over 12 days during the global coronavirus lockdown. The episode was shot at the Haunted Museum in Las Vegas, which is owned by the show's lead investigator, Zak Bagans.

Although there is no groundbreaking evidence in this particular episode, it marked an important moment for fans of paranormal entertainment as the television ghost hunter finally opened his haunted demon box after teasing television audiences he would for the last few years.

Zak claims that his notorious dybbuk box is the most terrifyingly haunted object in his museum and that it is believed to curse those who come into contact with it. In the fourth and final episode in the mini-series, fans finally got to see the long-awaited opening of the cursed antique box, which has been described as "the most haunted object in the world."

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Ghost Hunters - Worley Hospital [S12E11]

Ghost Hunters - Worley Hospital

In 2019, Grant Wilson returned with a team of paranormal experts after almost three years for a brand new season of 'Ghost Hunters'. The original series began in 2004 and was one of the most successful paranormal series of all time.

While investigating alleged sightings of shadow figures at an abandoned hospital in Texas, Grant captured what he believed to be a supernatural entity on a thermal imaging camera. The team were on the third floor using the popular ghost hunting gadget when Grant saw something walk across the camera's screen, despite the corridor they were in being empty.

The shape was clearly visible in the footage and appeared to be moving from left to right across the dark corridor.

The Haunted Hunts - City Of Spirits [S02E01]

The Haunted Hunts - Danny Moss In Chester

The second series of 'The Haunted Hunts' got off to an explosive start in early-2020 when the team, lead by Danny Moss, were investigating the paranormal activity in the beautiful, historic city of Chester.

The episode premiered on Amazon Prime Video in March and served as a creepy introduction to the British team's six-part series that focused on the city. Towards the end of the first episode the team captured what they believe to be their best evidence to date.

Danny was taking photos using a full spectrum camera in the Chester Rows, a series of ancient covered walkways that house shops and other businesses, that are believed to have been built on top of ruined Roman remains.

When the team later reviewed the photos, a dark shadowy figure appeared in just one of the shots. Team member, Charlie Rutter, described the figure as "a woman in black." The photograph was possibly the best evidence the team have ever captured on camera to date.

Ghost Adventures - The Washoe Club: Final Chapter

Ghost Adventures - The Washoe Club: Final Chapter

While Zak and the crew investigate the Washoe Club in Virginia City, a highly personal communication brings the guys to tears. The investigation is often credited as producing some of the team's best evidence because the series of events that they experience includes a physical manifestation of an object from thin air and intelligent responses relayed through a ghost hunting tool.

All three of the team who were in the building were seen walking along a corridor on camera when suddenly they heard the sound of a coin hitting the floor. The crew have no explanation for where the coin came from, but noticed it was dated 2015, which is a significant year for the team. It was in September of this year that friends of the show and fellow investigators, Debby and Mark Constantino were found dead in Nevada.

As the chain of events continues the team receive what appears to be meaningful responses relating to the coin and Debby and Mark via a piece of ghost hunting equipment.

Most Haunted - Fort Paul Part One [S17E04]

Most Haunted At Fort Paull

In a 2015 episode of 'Most Haunted' the team captured some compelling evidence. Although the evidence is much less dramatic than other examples on this list, it was captured in a more scientific manner by the show's resident skeptic, Glen Hunt.

During the investigation of a fort that dates back to 1542, Glen was investigating an old military restaurant train carriage where the ghost of a woman wearing Victorian clothing has been seen. He was armed with an infrared thermometer, which he used to take a temperature reading of the train's window.

Glen watched in amazement as the temperature of the window dropped in a fairly short space of time from 8°C to just 0°C. At one point it dropped one whole degree in just 30 seconds, something the team considered to be a significant change.

Paranormal Lockdown UK - Mill Street Barracks [S01E08]

Paranormal Lockdown UK: The Mill Street Barracks

In the British spin-off series of 'Paranormal Lockdown', Nick and Katrina visited a selection of haunted locations across Britain. In episode eight they captured some interesting evidence at the Mill Street Barracks in St. Helens, which has been home to thousands of soldiers since its construction in 1861.

The duo started their investigation in the drill hall, where they set up a circle of chairs in the middle of the room, as furniture has been said to move of its own accord.

They left a camera pointing at the chairs while they were elsewhere in the building, but they had only been gone moments when they heard what they thought sounded like something being dragged on wood, so they went back to investigate and found that one of the chairs in their circle had moved.

What makes this such great evidence is that the movement was captured on the camera in the room using a very wide angle, so you can see that the whole large room is empty. Nick said, "I'm absolutely blown away by this. We've captured amazing evidence."

Have we missed out your favourite episode of a ghost hunting show? If we have, let us know in the comments which show and episode it is and why you love the evidence they captured.

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