10 Signs You Might Be Gay

February 02, 2013 4:56 PM

Got a scented candle somewhere between your Wham! CD collection and stack of Men's Health magazine?

1. Your dog is that small it looks like an extra from The Borrowers movie

Gay dog

2. You always need extra luggage weight allowance at the airport


3. The staff at the bar you're a regular at are all male... and topless


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4. Your Facebook status labels you as 'Married' to a female friend

Relationship status

5. Your wardrobe crosses two international time zones


6. You're always the first to request Beyonce's 'Single Ladies' on a night out


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7. Your fantasy football strategy is to have the best looking team


8. You reads Men's Health but never go to the gym

Men's Health

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9. You can't step in to the supermarket without picking up a scented candle

Scented Candles

10. Your parents invite you to Ikea for interior design advise



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