List Of 80s References In 'The Body' - Stranger Things, Episode 4

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Stranger Things - The Body - Episode 4
There's quite a lot of Stephen King references in this episode, the first being the episode's title itself. 'The Body' is a short story that features in King's 1982 anthology, 'Different Seasons'.

The boys plan take Eleven to school with them, but so she blends in they dress her up in Nancy's clothes. The look they give her resembles that of Carrie White from the 1967 movie 'Carrie' based on King's novel of the same name. The character Carrie also has telekinetic powers like El.

During this dress-up montage, croquet mallets are seen in the Wheelers' house, which could be a reference to King's novel 'The Shining', as a croquet mallet is famously used as a weapon. Later when Hopper arrives at the morgue to inspect Will's body, the officer on guard is reading King's 'Cujo'.

In the same at the morgue, Hopper also makes reference to someone called O'Bannon in this scene. This could be a nod to Dan O'Bannon, the screenwriter of 'Alien' and director of 'The Return Of The Living Dead'.

Other references include a poster for the 1982 Jim Henson's movie 'The Dark Crystal' next to Mike's bedroom, which can be spotted near the start of the episode. Seconds later, eagle-eyed viewers might catch a glimpse of a Commodore computers sticker in Lucas' bedroom.


'Atmosphere' - Joy Division
After Hopper breaks the news to Joyce there's a montage set to this 1980 Joy Division song.

'Should I Stay Or Should I Go' - The Clash
We hear Will singing this song over the radio after Eleven affects it with her powers.

'Color Dreams' - The Deep
This song is playing in the Hideaway Bar where Hopper goes to interrogate David O'Bannon, the state trooper who found Will's body.

'Should I Stay Or Should I Go' - The Clash
There's another blast of The Clash when Joyce plays it to try to encourage Will to contact her.

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