List Of 80s References In 'The Weirdo On Maple Street' - Stranger Things, Episode 2

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Stranger Things - The Weirdo on Maple Street - Episode 2
The episodes's title could be a reference to 'The House On Maple Street' a story by horror write Stephen King, or a nod to a classic 1960 episode of 'The Twilight Zone' entitled 'The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street'. The episode tells the story of alien visitation in a small neighbourhood during a power cut that drives the neighbours to the peak of paranoia. Perhaps the boys were experiencing similar levels of paranoia when trying to work out what to do with Eleven, an "alien" visitor.

Joyce Byers' phone exploding in her hand while she tries to communicate with Will is reminiscent to a scene in the 1984 sci-fi movie, 'The Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai Across The 8th Dimension'. In the film Banzai has a similar experience while speaking with the Red Lectroid leader in a phone box. Both Banzai and Joyce were trying to work out who they were talking to at the moment the phone went dead.

While Mike is giving Eleven a tour of his house, the first of several references in the series to 'Star Wars' We first see Mike show an unimpressed Eleven his Yoda figure.

A poster of the 1975 movie 'Jaws' is seen Jonathan Byers' bedroom. The killer shark's lust for blood might foreshadow a later scene when Barbara Holland is taken by the demogorgon after her blood drips into Steve Harrington's pool.


'(You're A) Go Nowhere' - Reagan Youth
Jonathan jumps in his car and starts his drive to his father, Lonnie's house. This song ends while he is driving, and the next more poignant song comes on...

'Should I Stay Or Should I Go' - The Clash
As Jonathan continues his drive this song by The Clash plays on his car stereo. The song reminds him of his missing brother and we see a flashback of him and Will in his bedroom listen to the track on cassette. In the background Joyce can be heard arguing on the phone with Lonnie, telling us that the brothers bonded over this song as a difficult time in their lives.

'Deck The Halls' - Chicks With Hits
Joyce drives into town and to her place of work, Melvald's general store. As she arrives this festive tune is playing, fitting since the show is set in November 1983.

'Jingle Bells' - The Canterbury Choir
Still in the store, Joyce goes to the checkout with a replacement phone she needs to buy, but asks her boss, Donald, for an advance on her pay.

'Dark Stars' - Mark Glass
Jonathan arrives at Lonnie's house, this song is playing on his car stereo as he parks up outside.

'I'm Taking Off (Shield Your Eyes)' - Space Knife
This song is playing on Lonnie's television when Jonathan arrives and barges past Cynthia to search the house for him.

'Body Language' - Alexander Baker & Clair Marlo
This song is playing in Nancy's bedroom: while she was on the phone to Barb planning how they are going to sneak out to Steve's party later.

'Tie A Yellow Ribbon' - Brotherhood of Man
Barb drives with Nancy to Steve's house, 'Tie A Yellow Ribbon' is playing on her car stereo when Nancy tells Barb to pull her car over. They talk in the car with the song playing as Barb tries to convince Nancy that the party is just Steve's attempt to get her in bed.

'Raise A Little Hell' - Trooper
This song can be heard playing loudly at Steve's house when Nancy and Barb arrive at his front door for the party.

'I Melt With You' - Modern English
Meanwhile at the pool party, Steve and his guests are hanging out by the pool chugging beer and listening to a song by Modern English.

'Should I Stay Or Should I Go' - The Clash
After being woken up by a mysterious phone call, Joyce experiences the electrical devices in her house going crazy. This ends with the stereo in Will's room suddenly playing That Clash.

'Hazy Shade Of Winter' - The Bangles
This Bagnles song plays as Nancy and Steve make out in his bedroom at the same moment Barb is taken. The song plays into the edit credits of the episode.

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