A Guide To Manifesting A Ghost At Halloween

October 24, 2017 6:00 AM ‐ PotionsHalloween

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One guaranteed way to see a ghost, spirit, or spectre at Halloween is to perform this ancient dark ritual, which dates all the way back to last Thursday. In this guide I'm going to try to summon the spirit of "the Crying Boy", and if you're crave enough, you can see him too by following the instructions.

1. Darkness

How To See A Ghost

You'll need to perform this ritual in the dark, so turn out the light or lights so that the room is in complete darkness. If your lights are out, then we're ready to begin...

2. Chose A Spirit

How To See A Ghost

We're going to be trying to contact the spirit of the "Crying Boy". A young boy who burned to death while trying to escape a a fire, all that was left of him was the singed eyes of the teddy bear he was carrying.

3. Add Water

How To See A Ghost

First I'm going to add some water into my cauldron. Some standard tap water is fine, but you can use whatever water you want.

4. Add Bear Eyes

How To See A Ghost

Next I'm going to drop in the singed eyes of the boys bear, there were two of them in total.

5. Add Ash

How To See A Ghost

Finally add a handful of ash to the cauldron.

6. Awakening Enchantment

How To See A Ghost

Concentrate hard and read allowed the 'Awakening Enchantment' from the 'Book Of Shadows'.

I call to any spirit who can hear my plea,
Focus your energy into a form we can see.
Your soul still lives although forgotten,
While your body lies cold, dead, and rotten.
You may rise tonight from beyond the grave,
But please promise that you will behave.

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7. The Spirit Awakens

How To See A Ghost

The boy is now free, you should see his energy in the form of a ball of light, which often gravitates towards an item belonging to the spirit, in this case the photo of the boy.

8. Repeat The Curse

How To See A Ghost

In order to see the spirit, you'll need to repeat the curse three times: "through burning flames, be here now."

9. Wait

How To See A Ghost

Then simply concentrate and stare at the picture of the boy, and if the ritual has worked then you will see his spirit.

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