10 Most Annoying Animals Of All Time

January 06, 2017 8:35 AM

Some animals making irritating sounds, some have infuriating characteristics and others have wreaked havoc mankind and our civilisation. It seems most of these maddening creatures are winged, various bugs and birds but what else makes up the list of the ten most annoying animals to ever walk the the Earth? Find out below...

10. Kangaroos


As a tourist in Australia it's always exciting to see an actual real life Kangaroo, but Aussies will tell you how annoying the hopping hopping marsupial actually are. Any animal which steals food is annoying and roos are notorious food thieves. Any good Australian knows that an esky on a camping trip is at risk of being turned over by a hungry kangaroo if you leave your camp for any amount of time.

9. Fleas


It's annoying if you get fleas in your bedding, a sofa or on a pet but now-a-days fleas are much more annoying than they once were. Between 1346–1353 fleas were the carriers of the most devastating pandemics in human history, The Black Death. The epidemic wiped out an estimated 75 to 200 million people, including around 30-60% of Europe's total population.

It's believed that the Black Death originated in Central Asia and spread to Crimea, it was then carried by fleas living on black rats that often made their way aboard passengers on merchant ships allowing them to spread the plague throughout the Mediterranean and Europe.

8. Budgett's Frog

Frogs aren't particularly annoying and this breed, lepidobatrachus or Budgett's frog, found in South America isn't too annoying either... well, not until it opens its mouth.

7. Pigeons


Also known as sky rats, pigeons are dirty birds that seem to have spread to every corner of the globe, yet weirdly humans still seem to want to feed them seed and bits of sandwich, some even let these diseased birds eat out of the palm of their hands. Even if you don't want to feed them, you'll still have them cooing at your feet while you try to enjoy a snack on any park bench in any city.

6. Flies


While flies don't bite, sting or steal your food, they really are the definition of annoying. They server no purpose but just look to irritate us by repeatedly landing on our food, buzzing around our faces or worst of all getting themselves trapped in a window. You know how it goes, you're lying in bed on a summer morning and fly comes in your open window and then buzzes around against the glass because it's too stupid to find its way back out. Eventually you're forced to get out of bed just to swat the fly and shut it up.

5. Magpies

Australian Magpie

Here in the UK there's a myth that magpies steal shiny objects and according to superstition, if you see one magpie it's bad luck, but that aside they're really not that annoying. The Australian version of magpies however are far more annoying.

Birds live in trees, they make nests there and in those nests they lay eggs. Magpies are very protective of their eggs and when an unsuspecting walker passes under the tree magpies swoop down in an attempt to scare off the wrongfully-accused predator.

It's even worse for cyclists who are often forced to attach ridiculous flappy attachments to their helmets to deter attacking magpies. Take a look at the video below, the poor Aussie cyclists gets swooped at 13 times in about a minute.

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4. Wasps


Wasps have the ability to turn a lovely family picnic into an afternoon of consoling a crying child after a wasp sting and they can make easting an ice cream on a summer's day impossible.

While flies are just annoying, wasps are very annoying, also aggressive and love to sting for seemingly no reason. Wasps seem to follow and no matter what you do to try to deter them, just seems to make them all the more determined to buzz around you.

Unlike bees, wasps don't die after they sting you, in fact their stinger still functions even when they're dead as I once found out when I accidentally stood on a dead wasp while wandering around the house bare foot.

3. Seagulls


The most annoying animals are those which steal food and seagulls are the masters of snack snatching, worst of all they'll take the food right from your hand as you're eating it. If you've ever tried eating fish and chips by the ocean then you'll know what a pest seagulls can be.

I personally think they're pretty terrifying, if they ever got smart enough to team up together, I'm pretty sure that in numbers they could kill a man.

Gulls are very defensive of their youngsters and will swoop on people that they think are a threat.

2. Rats


It's said that you are ever more than 6-feet away from a rat. Rats are scum!  They're a carry of various diseases such as typhus, cause huge damage to crops and scarily there are said to be more than 70 million of them in the UK alone.

A rat infestation in a house is one of the worst things that can happen to a house, they're almost impossible to get rid of because they are so smart.

1. Mosquitoes

Flying Ant Day

Mosquitoes are annoying, constant swatting of the annoying blood sucking creatures from hell can ruin a relaxing drink, especially if you're near water. But aside from the itching bites and red lumps, mosquito are killers on a huge scale.

The World Health Organisation estimates that around 200 million people a year are infected with malaria by mosquitoes resulting in 600k deaths, all together mosquitoes are responsible for about 725k deaths a year.

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Other Annoying Animals

Although this selection of runners-up from the animal kingdom failed to make it in to the top ten, they have done a lot to annoy mankind in recent history.

All Birds
As we've seen, there are plenty or annoying flying things on our list of most annoying animals but all birds deserve a mention. Just over ten years ago there was a bird fly scare which has the potential to kill millions of people had it mutated. However birds failed to be too annoying as H5N1 failed to have any real effect on civilisation.

"Badger Badger Badger" AKA 'The Badger Song' was hugely viral song with an accompanying animation which landed in everyone's inbox in the early-2000s. The badgers were one of the internet's first big viral phenomenon but as the song looped eternity, it did get a bit annoying and really got stuck in your head.

Thanks to cow, most of the British countryside was shut to walkers throughout the summer of 2001 due to Foot and Mouth disease. It cost cost the country billions and was all news reports talked about that year.

If I asked you what the most annoying TV advert of the last few years has been, you'd probably turn to me and sing "Go compare! Go compare!" in a ridiculous Italian accent but actual fact would disagree with you, the most annoying ads have been "compare the meerkats". The ads feature an annoying meerkat telling us to compare the market, but to be honest even after seeing it in every ad break, I still don't really know what the meerkat is actually trying to sell me.

How can you get 48 million people to look at a panda? Catch it sneezing on film. Another viral video, this time a Panda frightened the life out of Mummy Panda when he lets out a huge sneeze, despite his tiny baby panda size. The clip is just 16 seconds long but has managed to get about millions of views.

Well didn't pigs cause a lot of trouble in 2009?! Thanks to Swine Flu, for months I had to be sterilised with a very strong smelling, swine DNA killing, alcohol rub every time I went in to work. Annoyingly, half the people in my office managed to get a whole week off work with this fatal strain of flu, which has a survival rate of just 98%. I didn't even sneeze let alone get any time off work.
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