Are You Ready To Turn Your Psychic Talent Into A Business?

December 18, 2019 6:00 AM ‐ Psychic Readings
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One in three Americans feel they have experienced a psychic moment, as reported by YouGov. The Pew Research Center, moreover, reveals that 62% of Americans believe in New Age concepts like reincarnation and astrology. The popularity of psychics has increased exponentially over the past decade, with what was once seen as a 'hippy pursuit' now being endorsed by everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow to Kim Kardashian. Those who are deeply intuitive may decide to dedicate themselves 100% to helping people through their psychic gift. If you are one of them, keep the following considerations in mind to ensure you make a success of it.

Marketing Yourself For The New Millennium

As stated in The New York Times, the nature of the psychic industry has changed considerably. These days, people are much less interested in finding out when they will get married or how many kids they will have, and much more interested in seeking help for forging out a more meaningful life path. As stated by The New York Times’ Lisa Held, many psychics are now working in the realm of wellness, referring to themselves as intuitive people who channel energy to help people obtain greater clarity regarding their goals and their strategies to achieve them. 

A Head For Business

Your greatest passion may be helping others, but if you will be dedicating yourself full-time to your passion, then you need to get practical matters sorted. If you are just starting, then it may be beneficial to start out on a freelance basis, visiting clients in their homes. Before starting, however, you should create a business plan. Include opportunity for growth, and potentially, staffing. As stated by Cerity business insurance, considerations such as workers compensation are not just for those in traditionally high-risk professions like construction or medicine. In fact, coverage for considerations like health and injury exist for all industries. These include personal services, legal and therapeutic services. Creating a business plan will help you factor in these and other expenses, so you can project growth and have goals to work towards. 

Working Out Your Market

It is important to do the required research to work out your target market. If you plan on conducting tarot readings, mediumship sessions, or energy channeling sessions, think of the means (phone? Online? Skype?), price, and structure your market requires. If, for instance, you decide to go after the luxury market, then this should influence your entire branding strategy. Your logo, social media pages and website should exude luxury and serious health and wellness vibes from every pore. If you are aiming at a young, hip audience, on the other hand, then keeping a dynamic, entertaining vibe is key throughout your different branding channels.

If you would love to quit your day job and do what you feel you were destined to – work as a psychic every day – it is possible with a little preparation and research. From creating the perfect brand to working hard on your social media challenges and creating a sound business plan, you can feel like you are getting a little closer to your goal every day. Remember that marketing yourself a little differently in 2020 may pay you positive dividends: focus less on meaningless predictions and more on using the symbology of the psychic arts for healing and greater clarity.

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