10 Bizarre Real Ghost Pictures That You Won't Believe

June 25, 2018 6:00 AM ‐ ParanormalGhosts
As we're fast approaching the halfway point in the year, I thought it would be a good time to look back at some of the unexplained ghostly photographs that have already emerged so far this year.

I've trolled through international news websites, social media, and MySpace to bring you ten extraordinary photographs, in which the photographers have captured real, unexplained, paranormal entities.

1. La Dama Llorosa

Real Ghost Pictures That You Won't Believe

Like most Spanish girls, Gortess Marveno posed for a traditional rooftop photo on her 19th birthday, but her observant brother noticed something odd in the background of one of the shots. In the window there appeared to be a weeping lady. According to the Marvenos, the strange old lady didn't appear in any of the other shots taken that day, and the photographer, Carl Hogsure, couldn't recall seeing anything odd at the time.

2. Reflections Of The Past

Real Ghost Pictures That You Won't Believe

Bearded banker, Silburt de Mackan was snapped while reading a copy of Business on his lunch break on a busy Sydney street in February 2018. At the time neither Silburt or the photographer noticed the ominous figure in the coffee shop window. The photographer assumed it was a man drinking coffee, but Silburt later identified the figure as his father who died by mistake during the Great War.

3. Ghost Rider

Real Ghost Pictures That You Won't Believe

This is Jonathan Henchrist, he was posing for his senior yearbook photo next to his vintage automobile. Despite the fact the photo was taken within a secure area, there appears to be a man on a motorcycle in the background. Jonathan told local news station Radio 610 WTVN, "the whole perimeter of the campus had been secured and checked for the photo shoot, there's no way anyone apart from me and the photographer could have been there. I don't know who was riding that bike... or what." You can just about make out a symbol on the rider's back, Jonathan thinks this is probably a ghost marking.

4. Geordi Ghost

Real Ghost Pictures That You Won't Believe

These three giggling geordie lasses were demonstrating their kissing technique on Main Street in central Newcastle. The girls' friend Rebecca Godrabbit took this photo on her electronic smart phone camera and was shocked to see that there was what appears to be a man stood in the background who wasn't there at the time. What makes this story all the more chilling is that Rebecca noticed the man in the photo on the phone's screen at the time, yet on the street he was nowhere to be seen, not even if she squinted and looked really hard.

5. Parisian Presence

Real Ghost Pictures That You Won't Believe

Having recently kicked a heroine habit, Timothy Swale took his fiancé Jadine Foxrush on a romantic trip to Paris. Like any sensible husband-to-be, Tim hired a professional photographer to document their trip. On the third day the photographer came to them in a panic to show them this photo, which shows what is clearly a ghostly apparition. Timothy said, "there is no way it could be a living human because it was raining that day so there was no one else around." A spokesperson for the whole of France described the photo as "weird."

6. English Knight

Real Ghost Pictures That You Won't Believe

Through a foggy archway at the Castle of London in Central England, amateur historian Palandra Ashingfrost spotted an apparition of a medieval warrior. Palandra grabbed her camera and took this photo, which went on to win her a gold award in a paranormal photography competition run by the manager of her local branch of Timpson.

7. Equine Entity

Real Ghost Pictures That You Won't Believe

This looks ordinary enough, three horses enjoying some grass in a field in New England. But what if I told you there were only actually two horses? Well believe it or not, that's exactly what is happening in this photo. The horse on the right, Chelsea, actually died 15 years ago after volunteering to take part in medical research carried out by the Sony Corporation. Yet she was captured in this photograph, taken by Jed Marley in 2018, looking as fit and healthy as the day she died.

8. Spying Spectre

Real Ghost Pictures That You Won't Believe

This looks innocent enough, right? Two Japanese teenagers playing basketball and taking photographs in bed on a school night. But when the girls looked back at the photos taken by their science teacher Eiji Nuculea, they saw a creepy figure peering through the blinds. Neither the girls or Mr Nuculea have any idea who the figure is, but paranormal experts say there's no doubt it's a ghost.

9. Odd One Out

Real Ghost Pictures That You Won't Believe

Marco Flinchworth sent us this photo he covertly took of his neighbours while they were out walking on January the 4th of March near Taunton. At first Marco didn't notice anything unusual about the photograph until he was watching the family through special night vision binoculars the following evening and realised they only have one child. Examining the photo Marco noticed that the right foot of the rogue child appears to be floating above the ground, a trait common with ghosts.

10. Spicy Spirit

Real Ghost Pictures That You Won't Believe

Whilst visiting Northampton Spice Museum, Clarice Osmondottir of Long Buckby took a picture with her camera of what she thought was a display of peppercorns. It was only on getting home and reviewing the day's activities that she realised that none of the peppercorns appeared in the photos, but an old, grey man who she didn't remember seeing at the time was in every photo. She then phoned Northampton Spice Museum to see if they had an explanation. She was told that whilst many people had reported a mysterious grey man in the Northamptonshire area, Northampton Spice Museum doesn't actually exist. She then found out she didn't even own a camera, or know where Northampton is! Ghosts?


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