Watch 'The Black Monk Of No30' Now

April 28, 2016 11:13 AM ‐ ParanormalMovies

Back in 1974 a family was said to be tormented by a poltergeist in their council house in Yorkshire England. But is this house still possessed?

Gary Jay's latest documentary in his 'Curiosity' series sees him spend a night in a house which is said to be one of the most haunted in the UK, a normal house which is said to play host to one of the most violent poltergeists in Europe.

Gary, determined to get to the bottom of the mystery, aimed to produce the most in depth and unbiased look at the infamous house at 30 East Drive in Pontefract.

The filmmaker promises an honest investigation of the house, reminding viewers that he does not lie or make things up. He sees his role as a reporter, replaying his findings and experiences as they happen.

Is the house really haunted? Gary says it's up to you to look for things he may have missed in the footage and to decide for yourself if No30 is really as haunted as it is claimed.

The story behind the 53 minute documentary was also the inspiration for the 2012 movie, 'When The Lights Went Out', which is based on the stories of the Pritchard family who lives in the house.

The Pritchards reported being attacked by a ghost which has been named the Black Monk of Pontefract. They experienced freezing rooms, white dust falling out of thin air, water puddles formed from no visible leaks, strange noise, and a terrifying incident when an unseen force dragged the youngest member of the family up the stairs by her neck.

The film has gone down well on YouTube. One comment read, "finally someone investigating who is going in open minded and is totally honest about what is happening and his experiences"

Another said, "if only all haunted programs were like this, I love your down to earth genuine honesty, it makes it even more exciting and spooky for me, can't wait to see more, loved it."

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