How To Brew A Poisoned Sleeping Apple Potion

March 30, 2019 6:00 AM ‐ Potions
A poisoned apple is a powerful enchanted fruit, anyone who takes a bit will fall instantly to sleep. To make a sleeping apple we need to start with a base potion.

1. Raven's Blood

Poisoned Sleeping Apple Potion

First take your cauldron and light a dark flame beneath it. The add one caddywhompus flask of raven's blood.

2. Bishop's Splendour

Poisoned Sleeping Apple Potion

Next pour in one test tube's worth of bishop's splendour.

3. Dried White Backteel

Poisoned Sleeping Apple Potion

Then add some dried white backteel and wash your hands after because it stinks of bad hair.

4. Swedish Pansy Leaf

Poisoned Sleeping Apple Potion

And finally the most poisonous and deadly ingredient, the leaf of a Swedish pansy plant. This is your base potion.

5. Apple Seed

Poisoned Sleeping Apple Potion

Once your base potion is read, drop in one apple seed and almost instantly a red apple should appear in the cauldron.

Poisoned Sleeping Apple Potion

Simply extract the apple from your cauldron and feed it to your victim. Perhaps in a delicious fruit salad based dish topped with troll's cream.

Poisoned Sleeping Apple Potion

Anyone who takes a bite of the apple will fall into a deep sleep, they can only be revived by love's first kiss or a really loud alarm clock.

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