Brew A Truth Serum Potion

January 13, 2019 6:00 AM ‐ Potions

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Truth Serum Potion
Instructions on how to brew a truth serum, perhaps you need to find out if someone has been lying or misleading you, the potion uses tartisan's fluid.

It's handy if you need to find out if someone's paid their taxes or if they've been sending secret emails using a private server.

It's best to mix the first part of the potion in a glass rather than your cauldron so you can ensure the magical reaction has taken place.

Purified Water

Truth Serum Potion

First add in a small quantity of purified water, about 0.2 of a third is perfect.

Grandmother Oil

Truth Serum Potion

The top up the glass with some grandmother oil. I'm using the purest grandmother oil I could find, extracted from the finest Norwegian grandmothers. Pour it in slowly so as not to anger the water.

Beeson Brewerick

Truth Serum Potion

Next drip a couple of drops of beeson brewerick into the glass. This is a gravity-defying sentient juice extracted from the male manatee.

Clave Capsule

Truth Serum Potion

Then when you're ready and not feeling too tired, drop in a clave capsule. You'll see the clave start to mafipulate through the water.


Truth Serum Potion

A violent process known as anti-dechristophercation will take place in the glass, this is perfectly normal although you should stand well be in case of rechristophercation which can result in an explosion.

Tartisan's Fluid

Truth Serum Potion

At the peak of anti-dechristophercation, take the glass and pour it in to your cauldron. This bubbling liquid known as tartisan's fluid will now act as the base for our truth serum.

Jarson Fruit

Truth Serum Potion

We just need to add in a couple more ingredient, including the fruit of a jarson tree.


Truth Serum Potion

Add then finally add in one small jimbanoe and stir well your mixture well. Then collection some of the potion in a bottle of your choosing, about 0.025 cubic rubins.

Truth Serum Potion

Then when you need someone to tell the truth, simply pour a drop of the potion into their drink and before long they'll be spilling their guts and answering any questions you throw at them honestly. Always use within 28 days and keep the bottle refrigerated.

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