BRITs 2010: The worst BRITs ever?

February 17, 2010 12:24 AM ‐ Television

The BRIT Awards 2010, it was a weird one! Girl Power and all that jazz!

Spice Girls BRIT Awards

I know it was the 30th BRITs and they were "celebrating their birthday", but isn't it their birthday every year?

If you were aging the show by its guests, you'd probably place it in any year other than 2010, may be the mid-late 90s with all that old Spice banging around?

Also, IS the BRITs 30 years old?  I mean they said it was but Shirley Bassey said that she won the British Female Sole Artist Award in 1977... you do the actual math(s).

So the show opened with Lily Allen performing a song which was released ed a song which got its radio premiere in December 2008 and was release almost a month before LAST YEAR's BRITs!  ...but she did a good job, flying in on some massive bomb.

Then the clunky show continued with a made up award for the Most Memorable Performance of the Last 30 Years (I hope next year they do an award for the last 31 years!)... and that's when the Spice Girls domination started.

Voice over Sam Fox (odd choice?) said "here's the nominations for BRITs Hits 30 Best Performance..." and they just played a clip of the Spice Girls, they ignored all the other nominations... and guess who won, The Spice Girls.

So a few of the girls headed up on stage to collect the award, then Mel B came back to dish out an award, then Gaga performed so Fearn Cotton spoke to Gerri to find out what she thought of it then it was FINALLY time for some new music...

The British Breakthrough Act, as voted for by the listeners of Radio 1... it was young fresh JLS that were chosen as the winner, so who do you get to present the award?  May be Fearne Cotton or Chris Moyles?  NO!  Gerri Halliwell!

Jonathan Ross then had a proper Dad-gag moment when he came on stage to present Lady Gaga on of her three awards, he'd been blinged up by Dizzee Rascal and actually looked like a bad Harry Enfleld character... I think the whole thing

I was most looking forward to Lady Gaga and Beyonce performing the future No. 1 hit, 'Telephone' but I think Beyonce had better things to do, so instead Gaga just performed a song NO ONE KNEW!!

It wasn't all bad though, Liam Gallagher inject some rock and roll back in to the evening by chucking his award and microphone in to the audience.  That was followed by Peter Kay (who did a good job) calling him a "knob head" and then during the ad break one of the show's organisers took to the stage to beg the crowed to hand the mic back as "the show couldn't go on without it".

The highlight was probably Robbie though, he's won more BRITs than anyone ever and this year was honoured with the Outstanding Contribution to Music Award... and they even got rid of the Best Live Act category so Take That wouldn't win it for the Circus Tour and take away Robbie's limelight.

Robbie performed a medley of some of his hits and ended, like any good mobile disc-jokey does with 'Angels'... then over on ITV2 they had the worst TV show ever, BRITs Encore (presented by no one and someone) where Robbie sang actual Take That's 'Everything Changes'.  That show also producer the second great Gallagher moment of the evening - "let's all go do some class A's."

...and that was the BRITs!


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