Burning Witch Caught On Film Flying Away In A Fireball

April 16, 2017 8:50 AM
Burning Mexican Witch
Video has been posted online which is claimed to show a burning witch flying up into the sky in a ball of fire.

The video was shot by Victor H. Gutierrez in Monterrey and uploaded to a Mexican-American paranormal radio show's Facebook page.

What starts off as an ordinary looking fire on the ground, soon turns into something little bit more bizarre as the flames appear to lift from the ground a fly away while the sound of laughter can be heard coming from behind the camera.

The video was posted online along with the caption "this was shared by a workmate who lives in Monterrey and said that his family recorded it and they believed that it is a witch."

While some social media users are convinced that this video show a witch engulfed in flames, others are more sceptical and suggest that the video is nothing more than burning paper caught in a gust of wind or a Chinese lantern gone wrong.

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