Call For Female Writers To Contribute To New Paranormal Journal

January 20, 2021 1:00 AM ‐ ParanormalBooks

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Spook-Eats Female Writers Wanted
Paranormal author and Spook-Eats blogger, Amanda Woomer, is calling on her fellow female paranormal enthusiasts worldwide to help compile a new journal celebrating women in the paranormal community.

The US blogger is looking for non-fiction written submissions on the topic of ghosts, folklore, the occult, dark history, investigations, research, and women in the industry.

The journal will highlight the work of women in the paranormal field, with the hope of releasing it in time for International Women's Day in March. Amanda said, "so many times women in the paranormal are ignored or forgotten and weโ€™re hoping to change that with this publication." Amanda is herself a prominent female name in the paranormal field, running her blog as a one-woman business, as well as juggling life as a new mum.

Writing in a blog post announcing the project on her website, Amanda said "as a female in the paranormal, I've found that sometimes, it's difficult for women to have their voices heard and their work highlighted. That's why Iโ€™m compiling the writings and works of female paranormal researchers, historians, and investigators from all over the globe!"
Written submissions need to be between 500 and 5,000 words and can include illustrations and photos, should you want to include some evidence from your own investigations.

Amanda has previously picked up several nominations in the Paranormal Entertainment Awards. She's been nominated for Best Paranormal Blogger two years in a row and in 2020 her book 'A Haunted Atlas of Western New York: A Spooky Guide to the Strange and Unusual' was shortlisted in the Best Paranormal Book category.

The deadline for contributors is February 15 and you can find more information on submitting your written work for the journal, or read the full submission guidelines at Spook-Eats.

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