Paranormal Investigator Carrie Poppy Says Science Can Always Explain The Supernatural

March 12, 2017 10:20 AM ‐ Paranormal
Carrie Poppy
Carrie Poppy is an investigator of paranormal and spiritual claims, her journey into the world of the supernatural started eight years ago when she experienced a haunting in her L.A. home.

After approaching a local paranormal group, Carrie learnt that her haunting wasn't exactly what she thought it was but it was a lesson in the truth behind the paranormal... that there is always a scientific explanation.

Carrie has taken part in over 70 investigations for her podcast 'Oh No, Ross and Carrie!' along with her co-host, Ross, she says that 100% of the time, science can explain away any paranormal claims.
"We use these things as stop gaps for things we can't explain. We don't believe them because of evidence, we believe them because of a lack of evidence."
Carrie Poppy
In her recent TED talk in Vienna, Carrie talks about her experience as a paranormal researcher and why it is people chose to believe in ghosts. 

She also shows her love and enthusiasm for the paranormal, shouting excitedly at the audience "maybe one time it'll turn out to be true, maybe we'll find out there are ghosts and holy shit, it'll be the best thing!"

Although she's a skeptic, it seems Carrie would love to find real, testable claims of the paranormal on her next investigation.

Watch Carrie Poppy's TED Talk: 'A Scientific Approach To The Paranormal'

Also the bit of the video from 10 minutes and 17 seconds I just LOVE. I love Carrie's enthusiasm, excitement, passion... I think I love her. Those 20 seconds I just can't stop re-watching, she really makes me smile.

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